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Welcome to an episode I’ve been deeply integrating ever since I did the interview about a month ago. It’s with India Mayorga – an incredible woman, visionary and soul sister that I met here in Costa Rica.

You will love this interview — it is both enlightening and activating as India shares deep wisdom and leads us through a powerful visualization towards the end of the episode. 

India is an artist, activist, and speaker who channels her passion into meaningful expressions that ignite change. As a ceremonialist she guides transformative journeys, while her dedication to ancestral lands activation and energetic upgrades brings healing and harmony.

India’s life purpose is rooted in assisting individuals in reaching their full potential and supporting humanity’s collective path towards freedom. Through her work, she inspires and empowers others to foster deep connections with themselves, others, and the world around them.

India is a passionate and multifaceted individual committed to holistic healing and guiding others towards their true purpose. As a Business Major, Holistic Therapist, and student of esoteric knowledge and ancestral wisdom, India combines ancient wisdom with contemporary practices to create transformative experiences.

Co-founder of the renowned Imiloa Institute and visionary behind Movimiento Ancestral, India delves into ancestral healing, connecting people to their roots and unlocking their full potential. Bridging tradition and innovation, she serves as a curator of events and an energetic grid activation facilitator.

She inspires humanity to embrace sovereignty models for freedom, fostering a love for nature and empowering youth to protect Mother Earth.

Powerful moments in this episode:

  • On The Power of Knowing Yourself: “I feel like we all transition, and I’m one of the many examples that I did not believe in the power of knowing yourself and knowing who I was and trusting instinct and following your dreams.”— India Mayorga 00:04:38 – 00:04:55
  • On The Indigenous Tribe of Talamanca: “Our people came from, from inside the core of the Earth into the lands of Costa Rica and Talamanca.”— India Mayorga 00:07:07 – 00:07:15
  • On Resonance with the Land: “The majority of the people, if not 99.9%, is? Because the land called me. The land called me. I don’t know why I’m here, but I just feel a resonance with the land.”— India Mayorga 00:12:07 – 00:12:18
  • On The Power of Nature: “I truly believe that she’s calling us and she’s speaking. There’s a lot of things that are coming to light. I believe that she is a powerful force…”— India Mayorga 00:18:22 – 00:18:33
  • On The Importance of Protecting Costa Rica’s Ecosystem: “I believe that we can come together and weave a new message, a new future. And create something that is harmonious with nature, harmonious with the ecosystem, harmonious with development, sustainable development. Harmonious with a new economic way for everyone to benefit.”— India Mayorga 00:25:34 – 00:25:49
  •  On The Call To Unite: “We’re going to have to unite in our voices because we know this is a collective rebirth that we’re going through. And Earth itself is saying, hey, I’m about to rebirth and you guys want to come through.”— India Mayorga 00:27:30 – 00:27:41
  • On Empowering Women in Indigenous Territories: “You really have to be committed to yourself and believe in yourself. And at the end of the day, no one can do that for you. No one can believe but you.”— India Mayorga 00:31:31 – 00:31:40
  • On The Power of Sacred Presence: “Your mere presence is that sacred. And so taking care of your body has to be that sacred because this is the vehicle that we’re getting here on this experience.”— India Mayorga 00:38:25 – 00:38:37
  • On The New Earth: “We’re asking for everyone to come together and really collaborate and share resources and have this sovereignty of being and explore and enjoy”— India Mayorga 00:40:25 – 00:40:35
  • A Glimpse into the New Earth: “We did it, we did it.”— India Mayorga 00:48:34 – 00:48:36

[00:00:36] Dr. Laura Foster’s podcast features India Mayorga

[00:04:12] Transitioning and learning the power of words.

[00:09:22] Costa Rica’s newness and connection to Earth.

[00:14:56] Nature’s power and wisdom calling for attention.

[00:20:42] Development threatens ancestral lands, biodiversity, and water.

[00:27:01] Costa Rica’s call: Unite, protect, safeguard our resources.

[00:30:55] Empowering women through personal growth and dialogue.

[00:35:27] Engage in innocent, creative exploration for sacredness.

[00:40:16] Humankind unifying for collaborative, blissful New Earth.

[00:42:59] “Journey through new Earth brings unity, bliss”

[00:51:04] Thank you for being here, take action.

More About India Mayorga:

India’s WEBSITE 

Movimiento Ancestral


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