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Hey … look at you go Laura. Two solo episodes in one month!

Today I’m sharing what happened to me when I broke my arm earlier this year. On the surface it was evident the bone needed to heal, but what came through as that bone healing happened,  was the opportunity to go deeper into what the IMPACT of that injury had on me.

My body

My heart

My emotions

My sense of what’s possible and who I am in the world.

Maybe you’ve not broken a bone and so this would seem irrelevant to you; however, haven’t we all had an injury of sorts (emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually)? When the injury heals, the impact remains.

This is a discussion about healing the impact and how to use the resonance of injury to go deeper into your own healing.

Areas I touch on:

  • The details of breaking my arm in August 2023
  • The process of navigating the medical system here in Costa Rica
  • Importance of taking control of your healing process even if you have professionals around you with more degrees, certification and letters behind their name.
  • Importance of persisting, tuning in, and being fully supported for fast and complete healing
  • Healing process unlocks new levels of being and sets off new trajectories
  • Healing as peeling back layers of an onion- each layer of healing reveals deeper issues held in DNA, cells, and energetic grids
  • Release and resolution of issues leads to the next layer of healing
  • Role of alternative healing modalities in managing the body during healing
  • Broken arm as a catalyst for deeper healing and changes in engagement with others
  • Understanding the messages and pain the body communicates
  • Choosing substance and deep learning over floating on the surface
  • Dealing with the pain and acceptance of the injury’s impact
  • The IMPACT of an injury long after the acute injury heals

Notable Quotes:

On Healing through Discomfort: “I am outwardly and very consciously and inwardly asking my body what messages it has for me. What does this pain represent? Other things that have come up are let me think, what parts of me wants to be healed in this moment? Who am I in this discomfort? That’s a good one. Who am I in this discomfort? And then just the one that I turn away from, which is just so good all the time is how can I support myself right now? Like, what do I need right now? And occurs to me that when my arm healed and the impact lingered, this became like the access point for me to come into some deeper healing. And I really think that whether we are talking about a broken bone or we’re talking about a broken heart it can be really the same thing. That it’s possible that when the acuteness like that –  in the moment, the loudest voice in the room heals, there’s an impact that can linger. And it’s the impact that can create such a deep imprint in your being. And I need to address the impact, I need to address the imprint.”— Laura Foster

On The Healing Process: “Healing is like an onion…with each layer of our own healing, we access something deeper, something that we’ve done a better job of pushing further down.”— Laura Foster 

On Unlocking New Trajectories: “And this kind of work really, I think, unlocks us for the next level, like setting us off into new trajectories, new timelines, new levels of being.”— Laura Foster

On Taking Charge of Healing: “But it’s also the responsibility. It’s your responsibility. It’s my responsibility to take charge of my own healing and to have agency over my body.”— Laura Foster

On The Power of Self-Healing: “I am the healer and it’s important to listen to my own intuition'”— Laura Foster 


[00:04:40] Left arm injury prompted immediate home treatment.

[00:06:27] Not a chiropractic radiologist but important details.

[00:11:05] Private healthcare in Canada offers easier access.

[00:14:55] Bone healing requires immobilization, but also movement.

[00:17:07] Taking responsibility for healing is vital.

[00:19:57] Arm break spoke loudest, but not most significant. Other healing layers needed attention.

[00:24:01] Infiltrated thoughts; deep, introspective questioning; admission.

[00:27:13] Body messages: pain’s representation, healing, support.

[00:31:03] New connections bring growth, despite goodbyes and fear.

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