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It’s a heartfelt episode this week with Keli Carpenter, Transformational Coach, Chopra Center certified Transcendental Meditation Instructor, connected breathwork facilitator, and the founder of The Other Side of Average — Therapy for the Soul.   Keli shares how she encountered meditation at the young age of six and has been using it as a tool ever since. She and Dr. Laura talk about how meditation can help bring stillness and clarity into our soul, the power of breathwork, and standing in your truth even when the world wants you to feel something else.  

Keli also discusses the importance of self-compassion, why the world is calling out for Unity Consciousness, and the five steps behind her Somatic Inquiry Process.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Keli’s mission is to help women and families learn tools that help them align with their own soul’s purpose while healing past resentments and stories that have kept them stuck.
  • How we can begin to call in Unity Consciousness and realize that we are stronger together than apart. [The world needs more healing.]
  • How to reclaim the power you already have.
  • How to observe the stories we tell ourselves, so we can ultimately evolve past them.
  • Keli talks more about three consciousness practices you can bring into your life: accessing silence and stillness within us, embodied feeling, and inquiry.
  • The somatic inquiry process.
  • How to bring in more compassion for yourself.
  • How truth resonates in Keli’s body.


  • “Trauma isn’t what happened to you. It’s what happens inside of you as a result of what happened to you.” — Gabor Maté
  • “The highest state of Consciousness is Unity Consciousness.” — Keli
  • “The ego is really invested in our separateness.” — Keli
  • “It’s a learned skill to be present with and find safety through our feelings.” — Keli
  • “Our breath is a very powerful tool, our breath only lives in the moment.” — Keli
  • “Just know that presence is our only true safe container.” — Keli

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Bio for Keli:

Keli is no stranger to mind, body, and spirit awareness. She first started practicing transcendent meditation at the age of six, when her mother took her to learn Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) and was re-certified at the age of 25. Keli is now a Chopra Center Certified Transcendent Meditation (PSM®) Instructor, Conscious Relationship, Uncoupling and Parenting Coach, and Conscious connected Breathwork Facilitator and Mentor. Keli is the Founder of “The Other Side of Average – Therapy for the Soul” and transformational coach. Her goal is to help conscious women and families learn and master the three most essential tools that help align you with your soul’s purpose — your essential nature and the truest expression of yourself — all whilst healing and transcending past resentments and stories that have kept you stuck and in pain. It is then that you experience the miracles and fulfillment of life in every moment (especially during life’s inevitable obstacles).

Keli’s philosophy is not to become your guru or healer but rather to inspire change, share essential strategies, and hold the space for you to bring light to your darkness, and help you reclaim the power you already have. Awakening becomes awakened. It is all there within you; you are enough. You just need space held for you, as you learn the proven tools and embody the rituals needed for this awakening or power to become realized.

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