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Hey beautiful souls – Laura here with one of the women who has been instrumental in the building of the business that represents the impact I’m here to make on the world – through Soul Inspired Gurl.

That woman is Amanda  Wilson-Ciocci, the founder of The Monarch + Co. and Monarch Momentum – a heart centered community for women entrepreneurs. 

Amanda is deeply passionate about doubling the number of female entrepreneurs in Canada and teaching female entrepreneurs how to build a wildly successful business around their life, not a life around their business.

Through her voice, talent + business she helps heart centered entrepreneurs (budding or highly established_ entrepreneurs) organize, simplify, and focus so that they can replace stress and overwhelm with clarity and support to build, scale and launch their dream business and life.

I know — I’ve been one of her clients.

In this episode Amanda shares what she had to learn and unlearn to truly step away from living life on other’s terms to building the one that lights her up.

In this episode she answers questions such as:

  • Were you always living life on your terms?
  • What did it take for you to make that switch?
  • What did you need to overcome within yourself to be able to live out the expression of your life?
  • How important is mentorship to you? Where do you seek that within your own life?
  • What are women actual seeking when they come to work with you?
  • How do you define success?
  • In your opinion, what do we need to truly understand to find “success” in our professional life?
  • If there was something we needed to “unlearn” along the path of female entrepreneurship, what would it be?
  • How do you coach women to connect to their WHY in business? And to their mission?
  • The vulnerable process of publishing her first book: The Monarch: The Signature 8 Method for Launching Your Dream Business with Clarity, Confidence & Love.
  • What Amanda learned / remembered about herself along the way of writing her book.
  • And lastly, we also talk about Monarch Momentum Membership – a community Amanda has created for heart centered female entrepreneurs.

More About Amanda + How To Contact Her:

Amanda, founder of The Monarch & Co. and heart centered community for women entrepreneurs, Monarch Momentum, is passionate about helping heart-centered entrepreneurs and CEO’s organize, simplify, focus, so they can replace stress and overwhelm with clarity and support to build, scale and launch their dream business and life. If you’re looking to take your vision, business and launch it to the next level, Amanda knows how to get you there! 




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