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Celebrating a little bit of a milestone over here on the podcast – our first guest to return for a second episode on pod!

I’m super happy to have my good friend and colleague, Dr. Kevin Preston join me on the podcast this week. Our original intention was to primarily focus our time on the epic in-person event that Dr. Kevin is hosting in British Columbia, Canada … called The New Human.

… But, as per usual, we managed to deepen the conversation into much more.

We talk about:

  • The honour of doing the work that he gets to do what he does in his clinic in Vernon, BC, Canada as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalist and acupuncturist, trained in biological medicine.
  • His desire to want to work with his patients and others on a deeper level and for longer periods of time in incredible natural settings which has led him to retreats, one day and multi-day events.
  • His own healing journey and the work he’s down within himself so that he can be “on the playing field” of his own life and not sitting on the stands of his life watching things go by. 
  • How he has seen the pattern in patients of when we live misaligned in our own lives it creates stagnant energy within ourselves and leads to dis-ease –> the connection between stuck emotions (nonintegrated emotions) + illness.
  • How fear, at one time, limited his ability to move forward in life and how he overcame it.
  • Facing the fear of the things you do know you need to change, so that you can be on the leading edge of addressing what’s happening within you.
  • How meditations gave him visuals of how he can serve humanity and be of service to more people.
  • How the container we’ve held in the past starts to change and how difficult it can be to make the transition to new things that light you up. Dr. Kevin shares how this is happening for him despite the fact that he still loves to see his patients in the clinic and continues to do so.

The New Human Event — June 10 + 11, 2023 in Enderby, BC, Canada

This 2-day live & in-person event is designed to help you become the clear and empowered version of yourself; to write your greatest story.

  • A meditation showed Dr. Kevin the vision of a big event with humans who are resonating with the New Earth energy where we face the truth and awaken to our own truth and see what’s happening around us and within us as Mother Earth supports the emergence of a new way.
  • The New Human Event welcomes the emergence and expansion of the new human who is no longer willing to ignore the destruction of the planet and separation of people.
  • The New Human is two days of doing the “work” together in the Splatsin Centre – an Indigenous Centre in Enderby, BC. led by Dr. Kevin and other keynote speakers such as Mark Groves and Kristin Hallet.
  • During this event you will be in community and connection with other humans who feel the call to show up and live in a new way — to feel deeply connected to their own heart energy so that we can live life in a new way. 

All the details for THE NEW HUMAN are HERE.

More about The New Human:

Supporting one another together on this journey will help us each recognize what’s truly important to us.

Then we can take steps to orient ourselves to follow the heart’s guidance more purely and simply.

We’ll be sharing powerful tools, knowledge, resources, and processes that will allow you to open your eyes to what’s not only possible but completely actionable. There will be experts in their respective fields of study teaching and sharing their wisdom; from regenerative medicine, thriving relationships, emotional and ancestral healing, and soul level blueprinting activating your very own DNA.

Come sharpen your instincts and your intuition. We’ll be showing you the steps on how to reconnect with your own true nature, and the natural environment all around you. We’ll be resolving hidden interference patterns that can clear the pathway to your fulfillment. Imagine how that would feel? Imagine what we can experience from that place?

This is your opportunity to become The New Human, together.

More about Dr. Kevin Preston:

Dr. Kevin is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalist and acupuncturist, trained in biological medicine. Known for his experience treating toxicity, chronic illness, and mystery syndromes, Kevin has served thousands of patients across North America, by combining extensive education and experience with intuition and heart connection, letting compassion rise to the forefront of all he does.

He’s passionate about activating the inherent medicine within each of us, unlocking the true potential of the DNA and cellular network. Whether he is working in his clinic in Vernon, BC, in online workshops or hosting both large scale and intimate events, he works on all levels from the physical to the spiritual, and helps transform that into beautiful vitality.


More About Dr. Laura Foster

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