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In this episode I’m joined by husband and wife, Nelson and Kerri Gourlay. Nelson shares his journey of years of misdiagnosis to Lyme Disease and how they have overcome so much on their path of positive change.

Topics discussed:

  • The importance of reconnecting with oneself and others, as well as the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of life in order to regain the human condition. 
  • Nelson’s experience with family constellation work, which helped him understand hidden dynamics and traumas that can affect physical reactions. 
  • The power of healing the body from inherited traumas and the importance of connecting with one’s soul and sharing their gifts on Earth. 
  • The importance of reconnecting with natural rhythms and avoiding artificial environments is emphasized.
  • The importance of making different decisions in one’s lifestyle, such as organizing finances, using cash, or disconnecting from digital platforms, in order to create positive changes.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic serving as a wake-up call for Nelson and his family, prompting them to leave the city and make a change in their lifestyle by building a cabin on a farm. 
  • The importance of finding the right approach to overcoming Lyme disease.
  • The impact of environment on health, including mold exposure and electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices. 
  • Nelson encourages listeners to shift their perspective on healthcare practitioners and take personal responsibility for their own well-being.
  • The importance of personal attitude, physical environment, and stress level in making progress toward healing.
  • The need to continuously learn and live congruent with one’s values and focusing on what can be done in the present moment.

[00:07:42] Ticks, illness, and mold exposure over time.

[00:20:46] Questioning doctor, trying alternative treatments for Lyme.

[00:26:56] Environment’s impact on health, technology’s hidden dangers.

[00:33:23] Lyme disease treatment: expensive, environment impacts progress.

[00:37:18] Rebuilding the body, balancing natural rhythms. Skin cancer caused by artificial light. Sunlight is healing and important for humans.

[00:45:04] Sun exposure critical for health and teeth.

[00:52:37] Experts don’t always know their expertise.

[01:02:10] Choose a different path, escape the system.

[01:09:47] Unfulfilling career, lifelong learning, taking responsibility.

[01:16:36] Reconnecting humanity and healing through self-discovery.

[01:20:54] Appreciate your gifts, find resources, create happiness.

More About Nelson + Kerri Gourlay: 

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After nearly two decades of being misdiagnosed, finally we have a path forward to health and wellness…

Nelson had been misdiagnosed with anxiety & depression, until one day it took a severe downturn and almost took his life. Multiple tests, hurdles, scans and a tens of thousands of dollars later: Lyme disease, co-infections and environmental exposures are the culprits. He has learned about many paths around the health care system including conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Which led him to explore the true meaning of health and wellness. Professionally, practicing as a engineer before changing direction and applying his skills, knowledge and experience to “pioneering paradigm change”.

As a powerful storyteller, Kerri loves to share the journey that life led her own family down, including the many hurdles they overcame in order to see the wisdom behind the challenges. Helping others re-awaken within, exposes the fact that we all do have a choice when it comes to our homes, our health and our environments by unplugging from the demanding technologically connected world and focus more on establishing fundamental roots to our mind, body and soul. Achieving balance in all aspects of life has become my daily inspiration.

This ‘power couple’ is homesteading, unschooling and pioneering their way back to simplicity. Building a life around the rhythms of nature in the country for themselves, their family and generations to come.

True health and wellness and the illusion of the medical system and scientism. We are passionate about sharing our journey back to self connection, true wellness and natural rhythms.

The impact of artificial environments (physical, mental, spiritual) on health and wellness.

Everyone has their own way to learn and gain wisdom, the ultimate goal may be the same but the path to understanding is unique to each. We have to learn to keep learning from each person we meet, each experience we encounter and weave it into the tapestry of our lives.

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