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This week my guest is the inspirational Jennifer Jordan. Jenn is an attorney, divorced, mama to 3 kids and is on a path of spirituality and growth.

In this episode Jenn talks about how she is learning to surrender, be curious to her pain and the growth that comes from meeting herself in her most uncomfortable moments. 

Jenn shares how she has been able to shift her focus away from living a life of certainty to one that involves challenging her thinking, her beliefs, her body and her mindset. It’s available to all of us if you are willing to let yourself let go of control.

One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Jenn shares her journey of self discovery and her recent 17x summit of Stratton Mountain in Vermont as part of the 29029 event.

Jenn talks about what this event is, and how this epic endurance event has changed her life forever going forward. Her vulnerable and wise share of her journey, perspective and mindset is inspiring.

I know this conversation will land with so many of you. 

In this episode:

  • How Jenn is embracing change.
  • Breaking free from the titles that define us.
  • Connecting with our inner knowing in an intentional way. 
  • Embracing pain and using it to be a catalyst for growth.
  • Practices for embracing your inner knowing and understanding yourself on a deeper level.
  • How you can plant the seed for your own growth. 
  • How empowering living your true truth can be. 
  • 29029:  what is it, and how it has transformed Jenn’s life
  • Limitations in your mind vs what your body can do

Key Takeaways from Jennifer Jordan:

“I didn’t feel fulfilled when I reached a certain level professional accomplishment, and that made me look around and say what is it that will make me feel fulfilled?”

“I’ve let go of trying to control my life, and have started to let life flow.”

“Sitting silently with yourself is a great way to get in tune with what is happening inside of you.”

“There is nothing that feels better inside than following your truth.”

“I love pushing myself physically to see what I am made of mentally.”

“Character is built in your darkest moments.”

“When your body starts doing things that you didn’t think your body could do, you open your mind to what else you can do.”

Continue On Your Journey with Dr. Laura Foster:

My gift lies in my ability to tap into what isn’t being said. By creating a space that allows you to heal and connect inwards, we can get to the essence of what is holding you back and ensure that what you create is fully aligned with who you are. 

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