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My guest today is Sarah Swain and I’m pretty sure I called in this conversation on every level in the quantum field. I really wanted to have a conversation with her. Sarah is the woman, the Founder + CEO, the force and the heart behind the companies and the IG presence of ‘I AM Sarah Swain’, Trailblazer Media Group and Business With Sarah.

In 2017 Sarah was thinking “why does life feel so bad?” After a strong desire for change, she quit her job and started on her path to create a better life. She saw other people do it, so she knew that she could do it as well and jumped head first into entrepreneurship as a Business Strategist and creator of two publishing houses.

She hated the concept of trading time for money. 

Sound familiar? You aren’t the only one with these feelings…

Sarah now teaches other people how to “Monetize Your Mind” and break free from the constraints of corporations, government and ‘the system.’

Alongside wanting to change the way we think about work and making money, Sarah is also on a mission to change the way that people think about politics. Sarah started Trailblazer Media, an organization dedicated to leaving behind a trail of truth, so our future generations never again have to wonder what actually happened, and have a fighting chance to ensure the history we are living and breathing today, doesn’t repeat itself.

Truth be known – before I met Sarah I tolerated Canadian politics. 

Somewhere along the way of hearing her simplify the process of the political system and energize the possibility that my efforts would make a difference, I began to get truly involved. And this is one of the gifts I’ve seen in Sarah. She has a knack for being able to make the complex very simple – inspiring and rallying people to learn, care and action on our politicians and our system. 

Talk about alchemizing the negative into a rising tide of change! 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Sarah’s journey from hating her corporate life to becoming a multi-passionate entrepreneur and activist.
  • Challenging what you know, and seeing it from a new perspective.
  • Security only exists within yourself, not a job, not another person, only within yourself.
  • Unlearning the traditional process of only finding financial stability through a corporate job.
  • How to empower yourself and your family to live and think more sovereignly. 
  • Discovering areas of your life where you have made yourself unnecessarily vulnerable.
  • How to shift the political playing field.
  • Why believing “everything is over and all is as it should be”, is a mistake.
  • The real responsibility of the people in a democracy.
  • Where to find news, when mainstream media isn’t always truthful.
  • Overcoming the belief that your one voice and one action won’t make a difference. 
  • How speaking your truth will help you will find your community.

Quotes from Sarah Sarah: 

“It’s very interesting how life happens when you listen to those nudges.” 

“When you have an urge, you have to listen to it. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but the reward is worth it.”

“The power of choice is something that has been weaponized over a variety of issues.”

“You can live your life in a radically different way that we have been programmed to believe that it is supposed to be.” 

“Security only exists within yourself.”

“We have to do right by each other.” 

“I had to let myself be seen.”

“What are the hills you are willing to die on? Those are your core values.” 

“We need more people speaking in bold ways.” 

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Sarah’s bio:

Sarah Swain is a Canadian serial entrepreneur that quit her corporate gig with no backup plan in 2017 and trusted herself to fly. Now an Online Business Strategist & Owner of two publishing houses, Sarah has taken the Canadian small business landscape by storm and shows no signs of slowing down.

Sarah, like many of us, has navigated the unpredictable terrain of the past two years both as a professional and as an everyday Canadian, becoming a major voice for freedom fighters across nations – a journey that has stripped her of any remaining shred of inauthenticity. With a knack for Canadian politics, Sarah has also become a source of simplifying our Parliamentary proceedings and is actively working to help Canadians feel more confident to enact change as citizens of a democracy.

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