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Chanti Zak is the creator of the Empathy Marketing Ecosystem, co-host of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem Podcast and a quiz funnel strategist and coach that is obsessed with getting brag-worthy results for her students and clients. Chanti joins the podcast to talk with Laura about authenticity, the framework for how she shows up in her business, and the similarities between a diverse agricultural ecosystem and business. She talks about the shift in her professional and personal life once she learned to pause and provides great resources for upping your marketing and customer outreach. Chanti and Laura share the ‘realness’ about running a business during a time of societal upheaval, and how saying “no” can open us up to more of our “yes.”

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Finding your audience and making sure they feel seen and heard is so critical to success in business and marketing.
  • When you out yourself and really get specific on what you provide and who you provide it for, that’s when things start to shift.
  • Chanti talks about her work as a Growth Coach and Quiz Funnel Strategist, and how that helps her clients grow and share their voices.
  • Chanti and Dr. Laura talk about a way of approaching the creative process that also lets in more of the feminine divine, where we don’t have to rely solely on masculine energy.
  • Chanti talks about co-creating her dream life with her husband and living off her homestead with her family.
  • Nature and permaculture have many similarities to brand branding and business.
  • You can’t outsource self-growth and face what you need to do to get a more aligned and abundant version of yourself.
  • Chanti shares the top things she sees stopping entrepreneurs from their own success.
  • As you move forward and grow, your brain will want to get caught in the past. It’s important to say no to some things, so you can say yes to others.


  • “Instead of talking about what the title is of what I do, I would talk about what it is that I provide for people.” — Dr. Laura
  • “Part of the creative process of birthing something new is that you don’t get Spring without Winter.” — Chanti
  • “Build your own connection with your self-awareness so that you know what success truly is, and what you are striving for when you are striving.” — Dr. Laura
  • “What can I say no to, so that I can say yes to something else?” — Chanti
  • “You can’t abdicate the responsibility of yourself to anyone.” — Dr. Laura
  • “You can’t outsource your problems, your struggles, and your personal stuff that you just have to face and sit with and work through.” — Chanti
  • “Everything that you create and show up for the world is an extension of you. So start with that in mind: The relationship you have with yourself forms the basis for the relationship of everything you do in the world.” — Dr. Laura

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Bio for Chanti:

Chanti is the creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem; she’s a quiz funnel strategist, growth consultant, and coach that’s obsessed with psychology, interactive marketing, and getting brag-worthy results for her students and clients. She believes boring is the enemy, neutral is a death sentence and real talk is the way of the future. In her spare time you can find her hanging with her three kiddos, learning how to homestead, or binge-watching Chef’s Table. Learn more about Chanti on her website Chantizak.com.

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This podcast will inspire you to awaken the flame within and answer the rising “call to action” you feel within your soul. These conversations embody strategy and some powerful mindset shifts that will help you release what no longer serves you, reclaim the truth of your life and stand in the power of your most feminine, sovereign badass self. Get ready to stand with more confidence, curiosity and courage than ever before. 

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