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Today’s episode is with Caitlin Nagy and we talk all about Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease –  including her diagnosis, her journey and the wisdom she’s gained along the way.

A lot of people perceive Parkinson’s Disease [PD] to be an old person’s disease. However, the number of people diagnosed with PD in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s is dramatically increasing. In fact it is one of the fastest growing neurological disorder in people under 45.

In this episode Caitlin shares the circumstances surrounding her diagnosis at 32 years old and how her pregnancy significantly influenced the progression of the symptoms (which is not uncommon). For the first 6 years Caitlin avoided social events, get togethers or meeting up with old friends because she was totally ashamed of her body and her lack of control over it. And really just didn’t want to try and explain what it was when I really hadn’t accepted what it was myself.

Caitlin shares her journey from resistance to acceptance and what that has meant for her self esteem and self identity [this might be my favorite part of the whole discussion]. 

In this episode Caitlin also talks about the reality of how medications for PD have been exclusively tested on only men and yet, for women there is a significant influence that comes from our unique hormonal journey and cyclical physiology. 

Caitlin shares what medical and holistic approaches have been helpful for her including synchronizing her nutrition and lifestyle to the infradian rhythms of her body, psilocybin microdosing and a whole host of other approaches. 

More about Caitlin / Creative By Caitlin + Highlands Estate:

Caitlin is a self described generator, visual storyteller, creative problem solver and late night Pinterest junkie who owns and operates Creative By Caitlin. She specializes in brand development, website design and creative consulting.

Caitlin has a background in Fine Art, majoring in Sculpture/Installation, Advertising & Graphic Design. She started her Marketing career in Sponsorship Advertising and had the opportunity to work in a multitude of different Industries on both the client and agency side, ranging from the Financial Sector, Non-for-profit, Sporting Goods, Home Appliances and Power Tools. She has lead and developed creative teams for some of the biggest household brands in North America and currently consult on process and team development for in-house creative teams and boutique agencies.

In 2020 Caitlin and her family purchased a 1960’s chalet on 97 acres in the Blue Mountains of Ontario. What they thought was going to be an Airbnb and family ski getaway quickly morphed into an even bigger idea of turning it to a luxury destination resort and wedding venue. They now own and operate Highlands Estate. [check it out – it’s incredible].

Blog Post: Living With Young Onset Parkinson’s

Creative By Caitlin: website

More about Laura / Soul Inspired Gurl:

I have recently opened up some opportunities for women to work 1:1 with me in personal leadership coaching. This year my group program (ROOTS) is on pause … I can feel a deep level of 1:1 work that’s emerging for me and I’m creating as much space as possible for what’s coming through.

If you feel called to work with me, you can book a free discovery call right here. You can also reach out to me through private direct message on INSTAGRAM and we can take the next step. Lastly, we are sold out for our retreat that I’m co-hosting with the extraordinary Shirlee Williams in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in April. Stay tuned for a delicious 5 day retreat in Ontario, Canada in late July 2023. 

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