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My guest this week is  Dr. Andrea Ryan and where we go in this conversation is about the topic of living life and health differently. 

Dr. Andrea is a retired chiropractor and an essential oil educator. She focuses primarily on helping people live a low tox lifestyle to improve their health and wellbeing. 

We enter into this conversation into living life differently and how that came about for her, where it is leading her, the big bold moves that she is taking going forward, and how it has informed her in how she raises her children, and shows up in the work that she does.

When people decide that it is time to change their lifestyle and go low-tox, for many, the overwhelm sets in. We dismantle the overwhelm and talk about the simple way to start changing your life. 

It starts with being conscious and open to change. 

This conversation is timely and potent for anyone who is on the brink of wanting to do life differently, do health differently, and ultimately living a life that you love. 

In this episode:

  • Dr. Andrea’s desire to travel and call to live a ‘different’ life. 
  • How she combats the thoughts of not feeling unique even with her deep knowing that she is. 
  • How Dr. Andrea began her journey to questioning things in life and making informed decisions. 
  • How her love for learning new healing modalities launched her into a passion for essential oils. 
  • How her knowledge and wisdom has impacted how she raised her children. 
  • How Dr. Andrea and her family have surrounded themselves with a team of naturopaths, chiropractors and natural healers so they can heal their bodies in a natural way. 
  • Leading by example for children. 
  • How women and mothers can focus on healing their bodies with essential oils and a low toxicity life, while working through the overwhelm. 

Key quotes from Dr. Andrea Ryan:

  • “I follow so many brave individuals that I sometimes feel like what I am doing does not compare, but then I remember that I am quite unique.”
  • “I live life by following my gut and intuition and trusting that things are going to work out.”
  • “I am like a sponge. When you give me a website, a book, a new idea I will absorb it. I just love it.”
  • “Our lifestyle plays such a huge factor in health.”
  • “We educate on what goes in and on our bodies and how that can impact our health in the long run.”
  • “It’s shocking to me that we are conditioned to think ‘there is something that can make me feel better’ rather than thinking ‘why am I feeling like this in the first place?”
  • “It’s so easy to make little changes that lead up to big impacts.”
  • “If you have changed one thing every week, at the end of the year you have done 52 changes.

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Dr. Andrea’s bio: 

Dr Andrea Ryan is a retired chiropractor and essential oils educator who focuses on helping people live a low tox lifestyle to improve their health and well-being.

 She is married with three kids. Her greatest passions are reading, the cottage, travelling, and learning about different cultures and languages.

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