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When she’s not reaping the benefits of restful sleep, Samantha Gladish is one purposeful woman. Samantha is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Hormone Fixer-Upper and author of the Amazon bestseller, The 30-Day Hormone Solution. She is also the host of one of Canada’s top-rated podcasts, The Wellness Witch Podcast. Sam has an immense passion for business which is exactly where this episode goes! Samantha has developed her own online mentorship program:Align + Lead Mentorship Program – helping practitioners and nutritionists start and scale their online business.

She joins Dr. Laura to talk about all things business, including how she mentors her clients around pricing their offerings in a way that reflects their value, experience, and alignment, and how to get clarity on what you should be offering. Samantha shares how we can reframe social media to highlight what we offer and why you have to cut the chaos if you want to scale your business. Samantha gets specific in this episode telling us exactly where many of her entrepreneurial clients get off-track while creating and building their online business.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • It’s okay to be a beginner.
  • Specific ways to recognize and redirect overwhelm that will help you to prevent burnout.
  • Samantha shares her expert advice on creating the necessary mindset shift to move to the next tier of pricing. For example, how do you move a business from creation to $5K a month to $10K a month and beyond?
  • When we aren’t conscious of what we are doing and why we are doing it, we can let our inner critic become the dominant voice.
  • Samantha talks about what she personally has had to unlearn or unbecome in order to grow in her own personal and professional life.
  • Common mistakes Samantha sees business owners and entrepreneurs make when it comes to marketing?
  • Serve the people that are already in your community, and treat your email list like it is a sacred relationship.
  • Samantha speaks about the value of the Align & Lead Mentorship Program, where you get a hybrid of 1:1 support and group mentorship.
  • Samantha talks about the power of finding who your target client is and speaking to them directly. When you try and speak to everyone, you end up not connecting with anyone.


  • “Each passing year, I feel like you evolve, learn more about yourself, and get so much more clarity on your zone of genius.” — Samantha
  • “You’re not here to do emotional business, you are here to do factual business.” — Samantha
  • “Your email list is your business.” — Samantha
  • “You can’t scale something from chaos.” — Samantha
  • “In the grand scheme of things, the numbers don’t matter. It’s really the quality of the people that are coming into your audience.” — Samantha
  • “In terms of where I spent my time coaching and really showing up, I had to have real discernment of where I would need to go, and what I wanted it to look like.” — Samantha
  • “The way that you lessen burnout is to recognize when you are overwhelmed, and allow yourself the latitude to do something different.” — Dr. Laura

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