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Hey beautiful humans,

Our deep, enriching conversation takes a deep dive into the world of traditional medicine, modern healing, and the transformative power of guided psychedelic journeys.

Gary Logan, ATCD – 

Gary is deeply committed to awakening people from their slumber to help them access the richness of the present moment on an ever-increasing frequency.

Gary’s deep awareness of the psycho-physical connection, through the Alexander Technique, is a key distinction of The JourneyMen Collective work that prepares the whole being for the ceremonies and facilitates a dynamic integration process; from the spiritual to the physical embodiment of renewal.

Robert Glover, MSc – 

Robert was led to his own shamanic journey, where he remembered that his higher purpose is to help others connect into their innate guidance systems and universal truths through the shamanic path. He learned to honour and offer the dynamic flow of unique metaphysical technology, that is continually unfurling within him, for the people that embark on their own journey.

The Journeymen Collective is the masterpiece of Gary and Robert.

They specializes in masterfully guiding visionaries through curated luxurious psychedelic medicine shamanic  journeys to create conscious impact for the whole of humanity and the planet.

The Journeymen Collective expertly guide you through the metaphysical wilderness of your soul so that you can weave the transcendental threads of knowledge, accessed during the psychedelic journey, through the eye of the needle of your embodied heart into the tapestry of your visionary reality.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Their path, individually and collectively, to come to this work.
  • Description of the four-day experience as a journey, tailored to each individual.
  • The positive effects of guided use of psilocybin mushrooms.
  • The pitfalls of continuous psychedelic journeys without utilizing insights gained.
  • The importance of integration. 
  •  Importance of creating and embodying one’s higher potential.
  • “Applied integration” or “new AI” phase of continued questioning and learning.
  • Example of a client’s deeper conversations and presence after a journey.
  • The game-changing potential of approaching medicine with intent, respect, reverence, and integrity.
  • Need for ceremonial and ritualized space for deep self-connection and awareness.
  • Increased capacity for love, peace, happiness, and empowerment after journeys.
  • Guiding executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals through psychedelic plant medicine journeys.
  • Need for people to find their passion and purpose to combat depression and disconnection.
  • Transition from the “forgetting phase” to the “remembering phase” of the planet.
  • Uncovering the power and potential within the human body.
  • How you can connect and work with Gary and Robert. 

[00:04:27] Graduate school, scientific mindset, spiritual awakening, coaching business, psychedelic journey, depth of conversation, training with medicine man.

[00:10:48] Transitioned, theater, Alexander Technique, teacher, awakening, spiritual center, healing hands

[00:19:12] Trusting the path, embracing opportunities, evolving consciousness.

[00:26:23] Planet emerging from dark phase, seeking connection.

[00:30:51] Magic mushrooms facilitate deep inner exploration.

[00:37:05] Mushrooms provide nutrients for growth and healing.

[00:42:21] Traditional work with modern medicine man vibe. Minimum 4 month commitment. Preparation, video content, 4-day journey. Ceremony and integration. Reluctant to leave.

[00:53:55] Break free from societal boxes, find yourself.

[00:56:41] The power of inner wisdom and support.


Personal Growth Through Journaling: “It was like the journaling really helped me to put down on paper my thoughts and feelings about my family dynamic. And I never knew that until right now.”— Gary Logan

Celestial Awakening: “This is your awakening. We’ve been knocking at the door. Are you ready?”— Gary Logan

“Overcoming Grief and Depression: And after Robert came back from his journey, we jokingly say he found his joy spot. And I thought, well, if he can shift his depression, because I had never experienced a big depression or grief or even anxiety. And I thought, what is this? What’s going on with my heart and my chest and my breathing? And I thought, well, if he shifted, maybe I need to shift.”— Gary Logan

Breaking Free of Societal Constraints: “The idea is, how can I break free of that paradigm of being boxed in from society and parents and break free? First thing to do is, from the inside, poke a hole through the box to see the light come into the darkness. You know there’s something on the other side. And as you go to that light, more holes will be poked in the box, and that box will disintegrate, and you will step free out of that box into your true self. It’s recognizing that you have put yourself in your own box.”— Gary Logan

The Importance of Conscious Business: “And part of what we felt was deeply, deeply important was that people step into conscious business. And how does that happen? Each and every single person that’s involved in the business wakes up to their ever evolving journey of becoming more and more conscious.”— Robert Grover

Awakening to the Spiritual World: “And I came out of that experience. I had found my joy again. The depression had lifted, the grief had lifted. And when I was working with the medicine men and the discussions and conversations that we were having, I was like, even right now, I’ve got goosebumps. Even remembering into that moment in that I made sort of a declaration to the universe in that I stated, these are the conversations that I want to be having with people. The depth of conversation, the depth of connection, the depth of exploration and wonder and curiosity is what I wanted to create for people.”— Robert Grover

The Power of Remembering: “A big part of this is when we look at the planetary scale, the planet is coming out of a dark phase, a forgetting phase. And so what is on the flip side of that? It’s a remembering.”— Robert Grover 

The Power of Psilocybin and Personalized Attention: “When you meet that medicine with a high level of intent, a high level of respect, reverence, integrity for your own being and for your own discovery process, it can be a game changer when you allow someone to guide you through that vulnerable place, that vulnerable space within yourself.”— Robert Grover

The Importance of Education and Guidance in Plant Medicine Journeys: “But we just started, and here we are, and that journey. There’s a high need for education in this space that so many people don’t know what they’re getting into, when they get into it, and then they’re in it.”— Robert Grover 

The Power of Inner Wisdom: “When you start to ignore what’s happening out around you, not out of ignorance or disrespect, but when you start cutting away all of the distraction, all of the noise that’s out there and you start to listen to that inner wisdom within yourself and you start to let that out, there is no fucking stopping you.”— Robert Grover




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