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In this solo episode, Dr. Laura explores what it means to her to have courage and the spectrum of how being brave and bold looks and feels in her own life. She shares personal examples of where she has had to step up and face her fears in her own life and talks about how courage looks different for everyone. She also examines what may be at stake if you don’t embrace your courage and the cost of staying stagnant and smaller than you are truly meant for. If you are seeking motivation to more boldly face your fears and step into the “you” that you’ve been dreaming of, this is the episode for you.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • We are so quick to point out the courage in others, yet minimize our own courageous experience.
  • How launching this podcast was an exercise in embracing courage, and what lessons it taught her along the way.
  • Start exactly where you are and practice your courage where it’s easier and safer. This will help you gain more confidence to show up for the more difficult experiences.
  • Courage can and will look different for everyone. What is natural to one person may be a big deal to someone else. And as you practice being brave you will find that what was once difficult is now easy.
  • Courage can show up in your words, actions, or even just staying consistent in the face of disappointment or adversity.
  • Courage is the by-product of taking action. Take the step and make the move and in doing so, you gain the confidence that creates the courage. Action and outcome become proof that you are indeed courageous — something that you will rely on as you move forward in life with more courage and bravery.
  • Instead of wishing to be fearless, aim to feel your fear, but do it anyway.
  • What is the cost of you choosing not to be courageous and go after what you want? What is the cost of letting your fear win?
  • What you admire in others, and what you identify as courage, exists within you. “Soham” — I am that.
  • Start where it feels like the safest place to express more of yourself.


  • “We often forget that we develop courage within ourselves by showing up for the small things. When we show up for the small things that we find difficult to do, we prove to ourselves that we can do it.” — Dr. Laura
  • “I do not seek fearlessness in my life, but to practice stepping forward alongside my fear.” — Dr. Laura
  • “If the rules we give ourselves prevent us from showing up in life, then they’re not the right rules.” — Dr. Laura
  • “What you admire in others, and what you identify as courage, exists within you.” — Dr. Laura

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