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Inspired by a request from my podcast producer, Alyssa Boccia of Mic Drop Productions, this episode is a solo episode all about my entrepreneurial journey.

Before you put your eye mask on to take a nap, let’s think about all the ups, downs and sideways that happen in entrepreneurship. 

And questions like, do “successful” entrepreneurs know what they are doing? How do seasoned entrepreneurs handle set backs and difficulties? Are successful entrepreneurs born or created? 

It occured to me a couple years ago that my boys have lived with an entrepreneurial mom their entire life and yet even they seemed to only notice the highlight reel. Maybe I shielded my kids from my “failures” [like that time I failed an important licensing exam … oh ya, fuccck] and when the funding didn’t come through and my name was on a lease I didn’t have the money for? 

I’ve earned these wrinkles my friends … and something tells me that if you are an entrepreneur you have faced your own trials and tribulations along the way. If you are new on this journey or contemplating a new direction there will probably be something in this discussion for you.

Despite it all, I’d pick the sovereign journey every single time … especially now my friends. More on that in the episode.

I also talk about:

[00:15:34] Creating a business plan without knowing what I was doing.

[00:18:51] Uncertainty, signed lease, faced rejections, being my own contractor.

[00:22:10] No patients, no money for marketing. The affordability of door knocking.

[00:25:31] Connecting through speaking and writing as a way to be seen.

[00:27:38] Making tough choices and redefining success.

[00:32:17] Human curiosity; unmet needs, body communication, self-discovery.

[00:33:42] Desire for self-development retreats sparked my current path.

[00:42:02] My ‘Freedom 50 Plan’ sidetracked by divorce.

[00:44:54] Stay curious, ask questions, and be present.

[00:47:35] Entrepreneurship offers flexibility, freedom, and hard work.

[00:51:59] Share, connect, engage, impact, subscribe, retreats

[00:54:38] The sovereignty of entrepreneurship.

Moments During The Podcasts:

On The Importance of Sharing the “Shit of It”: “But that’s the thing about observing somebody else’s life, is for the most part, we tend to see the highlights. And I didn’t fully realize that sharing the shit of it was actually not something that was going to prevent them from wanting to keep walking ahead in their own entrepreneurial journey, but it was actually going to fuel them that they would somehow find compassion for themselves when they had difficulty, when they had troubles, when they came up against their own difficulties.”— Laura Foster 

On Millennials and the Value of Working for Others: “Working for other people highlighted to me what I liked about working for other people, what I liked about people who ran the businesses or didn’t like, and how people responded to certain bosses. All of this, to me, felt like it was research and development.”— Laura Foster

On Making Tough Choices: “And anybody in business will know you can do great work, but if the numbers don’t work in your business, you’re not going to be in business.”— Laura Foster

On The Evolution of Dreams: “But at some point eventually, this initial dream of being a chiropractor, owning the clinic, impacting the community, being in connection with other humans, the way I was, stopped being my dream.”— Laura Foster 

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