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I’m so excited to share in today’s conversation with my friend Asha Frost. Asha is an Indigenous Medicine Woman and healer. Asha is the best-selling author of You Are The Medicine: 13 Moons of Indigenous Wisdom, Ancestral Connection, and Animal Spirit Guidance. She has also guided thousands of people through profound and lasting transformations. 

I have been a recipient of Asha’s work on so many levels over the years. I have sat in circles and ceremonies to receive Asha’s wisdom, healing, love, and transformation. 

Her work is very profound and I could not be more excited about this conversation as she weaves together how she got to where she is and the season of life she is in now. 

We talk about how as entrepreneurs we have had to channel a lot of our masculine energy – with creating, launching, marketing, and serving clients and the community for many years. It’s a lot and not something we want to approach in the ways we each have done for several decades to date.  We talk about how to create something that feels good to you and is overall sustainable – while having the impact you desire… 

We also dip into the idea of sacred reciprocity of giving AND also asking for and receiving what we need.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Indigenous medicine and how everyone can connect with their own medicine.
  • The process of writing a book.
  • The emotional seasons in life and how to process and move through them.
  • How motherhood transformed Asha’s desires in life.
  • Navigating the feeling of directionlessness in certain seasons of life.
  • Unwinding from societal expectations of the request for Indigenous People to educate others.
  • Resisting the “go go go” mentality and creating something sustainable – a NEW way.
  • Speaking out against capitalism and colonialism.
  • The release of Asha’s upcoming Sacred Medicine Oracle cards – order here

Quotes from Asha:

  • “I felt pressure to show up in ways that are not aligned with my ancestors.”
  • “When you invite people into knowing better and doing better… the majority of people want to step up and meet that.”
  • “Every season has equal importance.”
  • “What if it could be easy?” 
  • “My biggest return on investment  is investing my love and energy into relationships.”
  • “I am entitled to take up space.”

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Asha’s bio: 

Asha Frost (she/her) is an Indigenous Medicine Woman. She is the best selling author of You are the Medicine, and has guided thousands of people through profound and lasting transformation.

She is from the Crane Clan, the totem of leadership, and believes in holding space from vision and heart. As an energy healer, homeopath, and mentor, Asha has blended her life experience with her innate gifts and the wisdom of her Ancestors. She loves sharing her Medicine in powerful ways through Ceremonies, teachings, and speaking events. Through this work, she loves seeing people reclaim their roots, find their healing wisdom, and rise into their power.

Asha lives on Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat, and Haudenosaunee Territory, with her husband and two beautiful children, with whom she co-creates a better world for the seven generations to come.

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