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In today’s episode, I interviewed Courtney Wren-Mabbutt, and let me tell you, this one is so special. In this conversation, we go deep into relational healing, systemic and family constellations, and all the ways we can support the New Earth and new ways of being on the Earth and in ourselves.

Courtney’s education and work includes a Masters in Clinical Social Work and the practices of intuitive mysticism, shamanism, and somatic therapy. 

We talk about the healing of the collective and the ancestral fields of energy that impact us all. She also shares the energy practices that help her stay in tune with her healing path. 

What I love about this conversation is the deep awareness and remembering that comes through when listening to Courtney’s wisdom. 

It was such a gift to be a part of this conversation and I am so stoked to be sharing it with you. 

In this episode:

  • Ways to support the birthing of the New Earth. 
  • Healing multi-generational layers of trauma. 
  • Courtney’s experience studying the somatic ways. 
  • Regulating your nervous system and how Courtney has healed her anxiety.  
  • The magical experience of sitting in circle with others. 
  • Everyone is connected and it’s our job to all heal together. 
  • The power of curiosity in learning about our lineage.  
  • Healing through constellation work.  
  • How to keep your body in a state of healthy regulation. 

Key Quotes from Courtney Wren-Mabbutt:

  • “Lots of young people don’t have that seed planted that they can heal.”
  • “Our nervous system is so wise. It won’t go into healing unless it knows it has safety and support.”
  • “We have to be in our vasovagal nerve in our body to truly be relational.”
  • “There is so much healing needed for us to all come back together.”
  • “You have so much to contribute to your village.”
  • “What is alive in ourselves is a pattern and written by experience of generations before us.”
  • “We can get stuck in our healing journey of processing things that are not in our reality. You cannot heal things for others.”
  • “We just need to learn to attune to this new energy.”
  • “If you can only feel a little bit of pleasure, feel that pleasure.”
  • “There is a blueprint alive inside all of us.”


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Courtney’s bio: 

Courtney supports people’s minds, bodies and spirits to come into coherent flow. Through intuitive mysticism, Shamanism, Somatic Experiencing (healing trauma & the nervous system), pre and perinatal work, attachment, crystalline consciousness, systemic/ Family Constellations, ceremony, & ritual. She supports the healing of the collective and ancestral fields of energy that impact us all. As we heal these collective fields, our DNA can come into its fullest expression. She has a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Courtney is passionate about relational healing, conscious family, relationship & parenting & supporting the new earth and new ways of being on the earth and in ourselves, anchored in our soul essence and the ancient wisdom ways.

She has a private practice and offers 3 or 6 month 1:1 containers, ceremonies, retreats, workshops, and full day immersions. She also has a podcast called Spirit Full Wanderings. For more info visit www.courtneywrenmabbutt.com

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