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Dr. Laura starts the show by talking about the profound experience psychedelics and plant-based medicine have had on her life. She then welcomes facilitator and guide Reanna Costa to the episode. Reanna talks about her path to becoming a “midwife” in all senses of the word, where she helps people birth whatever it is they need to and helps let go of whatever is holding them back. She talks with Laura about creating a space for safety and trust in her work, how the ego can show up in our healing, why we need to move at our own pace, how to unwind and rewire the subtle layers of tension that keep us locked in old patterns and the effect plant-based medicine has on our brain.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How trauma imprints on us and gets stuck in our bodies.
  • Powerful ways to release trauma and get into an altered state of consciousness.
  • How our ego gets in the way of our healing and why we don’t want to push too hard when doing self-work.
  • How Reanna defines trauma and how plant-based medicine can potentially help us get out of the story we tell ourselves and find new perspectives.
  • Reanna talks about the way somatic therapy unwinds the stress and trauma response.
  • Reanna shares the names of a few of the healers that have influenced her, such as Judith Blackstone.
  • Healing is an inside job, yet we also need the help of others to get through it.
  • Reanna explains the sacred nature behind the ceremonies she facilitates and what to potentially expect at a plant-based ceremony.
  • Reanna and Dr. Laura dive into why sacred reciprocity is so important to receive life’s blessings.


  • “Trauma is essentially anything that we’re not able to be present for.” — Reanna
  • “There’s so much of the human experience that is unprocessed.” — Reanna
  • “Anything that has the power to heal also has the power to harm.” — Reanna
  • “If someone’s psyche or nervous system is not ready to move through something, there’s a possibility of retraumatizing.” — Reanna
  • “I feel that one of my gifts is patience: working slowly and having time for the person to gain trust.” — Reanna
  • “When you’re ready, your healer or teacher will present itself.” — Dr. Laura
  • “It’s such a habit to not be compassionate with self. It’s such a habit to betray ourselves and turn away from ourselves.” — Dr. Laura

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