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Hello friends, I feel incredibly blessed to have co-created this inspired conversation with my guest Chris-Anne Donnelly.  

It feels like the underlying theme of this podcast episode is – You don’t have to do it like everybody else.

In fact, please D O N ‘ T.

Extraordinary magic happens when you allow different parts of yourself to play together in the same space. This seems like something Chris-Anne has been leaning into for a very long time.

Chris-Anne is an artist, designer, poet, Hay House author and best-selling oracle and tarot deck creator who is currently on sabbatical from her creative work to finish up her acupuncture studies. 

She’s pretty awesome and she shared so much wisdom in this episode.

Here’s where this conversation led us:

  • The courage it takes to be a creative and put your “work” out into the world. How fearlessness doesn’t fully exist (in my life or hers) and yet she is able to “feel the fear and do it anyways.”
  • Chris-Anne’s journey to artist, poet, designer, Hay House author and oracle and tarot deck creator. A 5-year move to Chile, South America many years ago jump started her entrepreneurial journey with design and online work.
  • A post on Instagram from March 27, 2023 that sparked my desire to reach out to Chris-Anne to be on the podcast. You can access that post HERE.
    • Acknowledging how ‘frazzled’ her nervous system became from mental burnout in late 2019 and how that led to full burnout in 2020. 
    • Chris-Anne shares how her critical thinking ability went off-line due to burnout and how this shifted her into a deep seeded state of fear. She spent several months in 2020 in quiet contemplation and restoration tending to her dysregulated nervous system.
    • How she became even more resilient as a result of what she went through at this time.
  • How oracles and tarot cards can help create self-understanding of who we are and what we want to bring to the world. 
  • The difficulty of imagining ourselves in the greatest expression of who we are. 
  • Chris-Anne shares where the inspiration of each one of her oracle and tarot decks came from. 
  • How she got to the point where she was brave enough to expose the full spectrum of her gifts to the world. 
  • Learning that by being “yourself” it leads to being more ‘truly’ accepted in the world than the story we tell ourselves about who we need to be, to be accepted. 
  • How a loss of creativity as a result of burnout meant that she needed to attend to her own healing and take a pause on the work she had been doing to that point.
  • Enrolling in Acupuncture school in 2021. 
  • How her studies have prompted a knowing that she desires to work collaboratively, bringing together her creative side with her acupuncture knowledge in a way she’s yet to have clarity on.
  • Chris-Anne’s realization that external validation has often played a big part in the work she’s done in the past and how she’s honing her ability to regulate her own energetic system as a result of her current studies.
  • “We can do anything, but we can’t do everything.”
  • Chris-Anne’s belief that our individual magic lies in our ability to bring together the unique pieces of ourselves and find a way to show them to the world.
  • The strategies she used to re-regulate her dysregulated and frazzled nervous system when her old ways of supporting herself were no longer working as well as they once did.


More About Chris-Anne

“My name is Chris-Anne, and I create magickal things. I’d like to help you to create that thing you’ve been dreaming of, share some fantastic tools for helping our hearts to glow, and I’d like to help you to fall deeper into the embodiment of your own creative power.

Whether it’s through tarot, creativity, branding or biz building, my super power has always been seeing the potentials and possibilities — mostly in other people’s innate magic.

You’re so freakin’ magical.”

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