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This week, I feel called to do a solo episode about the experience of knowing that life has changed you – in a myriad of big and small ways – and your life no longer flows like it once did.

It either feels sticky (a version of stuck) or it feels off-kilter, uninspiring and stale.

This very feeling prompted me to do my very own personal exfoliation – to scrub away what no longer fits the woman I have been so that I can stand in the newness of me and anchor in a much more aligned, soul-led self.

In this episode I walk you through a rather funny bank experience that got me thinking about the parts of my life that are on auto-pilot, even though the woman who created so much of my actions and rituals has “left the building”. 

Maybe you can relate?

I share what I did for myself and for so many of my 1:1 coaching clients … and now offering to you. SYNERGY –  A 7-day activation series for women who are ready to create heart-centered, soul-aligned forward motion in their life. 

After two+ years of feeling stagnant and noticing that the details of your life have changed –  you’ve changed and yet some (or many) of the details of your life are still aligned with the women you once were — not the one that is emerging right now. 

Here’s your chance to intentionally scrub away what no longer fits and deeply align your thoughts and actions with what’s in your mind, body and spirit.

This activation series is designed for the woman who:

* Feels stuck, sticky, heavy or off-track in her life, relationships, focus, business and sense of self. She is ready to create some momentum towards a fresh, aligned start. 

* AND also for the woman who craves a mid-year soulful check-in with self.  She loves the energy of doubling down on clarity, inner connection and purpose.

SYNERGY is one week … one week of focus and collaboration with myself and other women who are ready to ask the questions you’ve been yearning to ask (and haven’t been able to articulate), drop what no longer fits you, clarify what you want to focus and grow in your life right now. There is a big portion of ACTIVATION in this week so that you are actually in forward motion. 

We will be amazed what ONE week of FOCUSSED intention and aligned action will do for you. Over the course of FOUR live soul synergy sessions, I’ll teach and lead you through a process that will uncover, release, clarify, activate and amplify what’s in your soul into your lived experience. Each session will unlock a connection to your deep knowing and dismantle the barriers that have prevented you from being in flow with your path and purpose.

The path and purpose that serves YOU right here, right now.

We’ll continue the connection and collaboration in our private Telegram group where we’ll be active, on-the-daily for SEVEN full days. I encourage you to be LIVE for our online sessions but if you aren’t you’ll have full access to the recordings, the resources and the power of presence and connection in our group.

Think of this as being a KICK-START, an immersion of body, mind and soul – so that you can activate what sits in your soul into actualization.

The early bird pricing of $222 until October 7th [regular price is $299]

We begin Tuesday October 11th. 

Register here:  https://soulinspiredgurl.mykajabi.com/synergy

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Join Dr. Laura Foster + her guests as we drop into potent conversations around freedom, spirituality, health, wealth, intuition, the divine feminine, entrepreneurship, sovereignty and the greatest expression of your soul self.

This podcast will inspire you to awaken the flame within and answer the rising “call to action” you feel within your soul. These conversations embody strategy and some powerful mindset shifts that will help you release what no longer serves you, reclaim the truth of your life and stand in the power of your most feminine, sovereign badass self. Get ready to stand with more confidence, curiosity and courage than ever before. 

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