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Beautiful humans — today’s episode is all about explanting from breast implants with Adrian Ellison.

This is the first time Adrian has shared her journey publicly on a podcast and with that, she is ready to connect the dots for any women who have had or are considering explant surgery.

This isn’t a discussion about the merits or controversy of getting breast implants.

This episode focuses on how to support yourself, your healing and the invitation into what it would mean for you to become a fully embodied woman who embraces all aspects of who she is.

Adrian is here to be a living testimony to the healing that can occur with proper tissue rehabilitation for scars, neuro re-wiring for the nervous system, detoxing for the organs, healing the gut & lightening the load for the entire body so it can get back to using all its energy for creation instead of fighting.

Here’s where the discussion goes:

  • Adrian’s journey of getting breast implants and why she decided to get them removed.
  •  Impact of breast implants on the nervous system and lack of awareness in western medicine
  • What Adrian felt immediately after her breast explant surgery → a massive leveling up in her vibration and the challenges that came therafter.
  • What Adrian failed to do to prepare herself pre-surgery and how she guides women with the knowledge and resources now.
  • Her healing journey post-explant surgery and all the things she learned along the way.
  • Adrian’s recommendation for pre and post surgery support.
  • Detox and drainage with Christy Nault 
  • Importance of proper drainage during detox to avoid redistribution of toxins
  •  Impact of functional medicine doctor and chiropractor using quantum neuro-reset technique
  • Emphasis on fascia work and its role in healing
  • Discovery of Kendra Toothill’s work on scar tissue removal and rewiring the nervous system
  • Impact of implants on muscles, ganglia nerves, and the nervous system
  • Techniques like EFT tapping and vagal stimulation for signaling safety to nervous system
  • Need for manual lymph movement techniques 
  • Coffee enemas to increase natural glutathione production
  • The value of ‘binders’ for detoxification
  • Lack of connection and feeling of dislocation with implants
  • Impact of unacknowledged emotions in the body
  • Disruption of body’s circuitry, compensation, and disconnection
  • The importance of compassion, forgiveness and patience in her healing journey.
  • Inspiring women to take healing into their own hands and choose healthcare providers carefully

Adrian’s work + offerings:

  1. Healing After Explant Retreat –  Nov 10-13, 2024 / Austin, Texas

A 4-day educational + somatic retreat for women recovering from breast explant surgery.


  1. 8 Week Virtual Explant Education  led by Adrian with guest Kendra Toothill – Begins October 5, 2024

Notable Moments During The Episode:

On The Desire for Connection: “So I think so much of getting implants or any kind of plastic surgery is really a cry for, like, see me, acknowledge me, notice me. Give me attention. Tell me that I’m loved or tell me that I’m enough. Or anything that is of the essence of like I’m changing the way that I look as a way to receive something else in my life.”

— Adrian Ellison

On The Impact of Breast Implant Removal: “I’m not going to keep anything in my body that’s potentially making me sick when I’m spending so much energy and money and time pouring into my healing.”

— Adrian Ellison 

On The Complex Nature of Trauma and Healing: “And that’s the body’s way of saying like, hey, there’s this vibration that’s too overwhelming in here. And I’m like, I’m trying to offload it, but it’s not getting offloaded in a subtle way. So then these things come up and they trigger it and then it’s overwhelming, it’s too much at once, right? That’s really what trauma is.”

— Adrian Ellison

On The Importance of Emotional Preparation for Surgery: “By the way, this isn’t about implants. This conversation is about everything that’s ever happened to you in your life that if it’s not digested, will find a home in your explant scars and in your implant scars, because that is the best place for it to go because there’s no communication going there.”

— Adrian Ellison

On Detox Protocol and Healing: “I mentioned all of that to say –  no matter how bad you feel like your circumstances are, my story, if anything, can be a testimony to the fact that the body can go from ‘on its way out + dying’  –  where there is no real life left in the cells and in some of the organs and low organ function to where I’m at right now, which is living high vibration.”

— Adrian Ellison

How To Connect With Adrian:


Healing After Explant Retreat 

8 Week Virtual Explant Education with Adrian Ellison

More About Adrian: 

Adrian Ellison is a modern day Medicine Woman with a gift of bridging language between what we see and what we feel. Her gifts are best experienced inside a unique community containers that serve as a catalyst for radical healing.

Adrian is the Founder of Awaken the Medicine, which encourages individuals to take their physical and mental healing into their own hands with the support of an embodied team of mentors.

Her purpose is to guide you through new levels of awareness around the uniquely unconscious parts of yourselves so you can claim the fullness of who you are.

Having healed her mind and body of chronic illness, her passion for teaching alternative methods of healing to activate the intuitive healer within us all.

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