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Hey – I’ve got a really great episode with my friend and colleague, Ciara Foy. We are talking frankly all about weight loss and health optimization for women.

Oh … so January of us — but it’s not. This episode is an honest and powerful conversation around how Ciara empowers women to take impeccable care of themselves so that they can maintain the energy, motivation and passion it takes to go after their dreams while curating each day … and therefore the life, they choose. 

Ciara is a Women’s Weight Loss + Hormone Expert. She’s also the author of the Amazon Bestseller “Empowered by Food” Heal Your Hormones, Balance Stress and Become Unstoppable and the founder of “The Empowered Feminine” podcast.

On her own health journey, Ciara faced and overcame weight gain, burnout, depression, and a self-destructive mindset. She now uses those experiences to help women create room for self-care and get back on track to become their happiest, healthiest selves.

In this episode we talk about:

  • We talk about mindset and actionable strategies that are fundamental to the work she does with women.
  • Ciara’s journey to date and how she came to the work she does with women.
  • Ciara’s 1:1 relationships with women and where she starts when she begins working with them. It’s all about their mindset, subconscious and limiting beliefs and understanding why they haven’t had the success they are ultimately desiring.
  • When Ciara is teaching women about weight loss, what she is actually teaching them. It goes beyond counting calories but truly understanding how food works and all the other factors that contribute to a healthy metabolism and energy management.
  • Ciara shares the most common myths or untruths that so many of us tell ourselves that keep us stuck in unhealthy or unproductive patterns.
  • The role of protein in keeping and building muscle mass [and why its vital to your health and metabolism], blood sugar regulation and how much we need.
  • Why sleep is one of your most important modulators of good health and optimal weight management.
  • Exercise and movement – how much, how often and what type.
  • What it’s like to work with Ciara in her 1:1 or group containers [and why she’s so good at the work she does with women].

Dive in and enjoy the episode.

More about Ciara:

When Ciara is not working out, spending time in nature or with her two daughters —she’s empowering women through her podcast “The Empowered Feminine”, speaking on virtual stages and providing clinical evaluation and coaching to women all over the world, from Bay Street to Wall Street, Florida to Spain and beyond.

Ciara has been featured in ELLE, FLARE, ET Canada, CTV, Best Health Magazine, Canadian Living, and Body Rock TV. 

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This podcast will inspire you to awaken the flame within and answer the rising “call to action” you feel within your soul. These conversations embody strategy and some powerful mindset shifts that will help you release what no longer serves you, reclaim the truth of your life and stand in the power of your most feminine, sovereign badass self. Get ready to stand with more confidence, curiosity and courage than ever before. 

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