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This episode is the cosmic reminder of the power of grace, vulnerability and doing what’s aligned with your values and ethics.

My guest this week is Kristen Nagle — a woman my family celebrated a lot over the last few years. What an honour to have her on the podcast.

Kristen is a former NICU nurse of 14 years turned holistic, homeschooling, faithfilled mama. 

There is a long pause right in the middle of the episode where I sat in my emotions. There ended up being so much energy for me in this conversation with Kristen.  

Kristen is a woman who stood up for her values and risked it all by questioning the “status quo” as a Registered Nurse in an Ontario NICU. As a mom, health practitioner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and passionate advocate for true health and wellbeing she has a lot of knowledge to share with those who are interested in understanding health, immunity and whole body healing at a deeper level.

In this episode we touch on:

  • Life as a Registered Nurse pre-pandemic.
  • Becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Learning and sharing so much about holistic nutrition and feeding and nourishing infants and children.
  • Sharing her information with nurses and feeling supported.
  • Diving into the routine immunization schedule for children.
  • Questioning the lack of informed consent and wanting more information.
  • Feeling the tides turning as she talked about the lack of true scientific information.
  • The Freedom rally and Kristen’s involvement at Canada’s capital.
  • What it feels like to have the media turn against you. Being vilified for your beliefs.
  • Unifying in protests and rallies at hospitals across Canada.
  • Being suspended as a Registered Nurse. 
  • College of Nurses of Ontario investigation.
  • Eventually terminated as a RN and resigning her license with the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • The transformation from pain to purpose.
  • What Kristen is now doing and what this means in her life and future right now.
  • What’s lighting her up in the work she’s doing.
  • Hosting a recent one-day birth conference that was wildly successful.

Quotable Moments in this Episode:

On The Importance of Challenging Medical Conventions: “And now I know that critical thinking just means as long as you stay within the box that is provided and don’t go outside of what we are telling you to do.”— Kristen Nagle

On False Accusations and Resilience: “At that point, I was placed under investigation by the College of Nurses of Ontario. I was put under indefinite suspension. And I saw the disclosure, and I saw some letters that came in, one being a very close family member, that wrote in a three page letter about how apparently I was a QAnon leader, I was leading Trump supporters or doing something, and I should be terminated and my license revoked immediately. I remember where I was in that moment, and I collapsed on the floor. And I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard in my life. And there was this moment where after the tears and the crying and lots of kind of fallout from other things, I remember thinking I could stay in this spot on the floor or I could pick myself up and keep going because otherwise everything that’s already happened would be all for nothing. And so I kept going because I knew there was another nurse in Toronto that had been speaking up. We had already been connected.”— Kristen Nagle

On The Power of Hospital Rallies: “And then we knew that we were onto something, because out of all the things that had happened along the way, the most hate we received was after the hospital rallies, right? And it’s because the media had to put an end to it, because they were seeing that how successful it was becoming.'”— Kristen Nagle 

On Media Hate and the Power of Unity During The Freedom Convoy: “But it was that moment after the media hate. At that time, it was so heavy, and then it was like we’re getting so burnt out. And just when we were getting burnt out and done and kind of giving up, the trucks rolled in, and I had to go [be a part of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa].”— Kristen Nagle

On The Power of Love at the Freedom Convoy: “And we didn’t fight evil back with evil, and we didn’t fight back hate with hate. And we remained the most peaceful, loving group I’d ever witnessed in my life. And I don’t think there’s anything more powerful than that.”— Kristen Nagle

On Her Initial View of Home Births:  “I have done so many 180s in my life, and that was a huge one where I actually would fight with people and say that home birth should be illegal. I thought they were dangerous. I thought those people were reckless. And I went back and apologized to every single one.”— Kristen Nagle

On The Power of Showing Up: “Showing up in that moment helps somebody else continue to show up in those moments. I can only imagine how you became a lifeline for so many people.”— Laura Foster 

Time Stamp:

[00:01:46] Emotional conversation with brave nurse impacts world.

[00:07:11] Parenting changes perspective; different lens now.

[00:13:20] Grateful for unvaccinated sons, understanding illnesses.

[00:21:45] Shift from indifference to preparation amidst pandemic.

[00:27:43] Spoke up for children, video went viral, hate started, connected with supporters, took action, inspired by friend, protest grew.

[00:31:34] Investigation, suspension, false accusations, emotional breakdown, resilience.

[00:35:16] Kristen’s impact is unimaginably profound and transformative.

[00:40:34] Media hate, burnout, friends joined, powerful experience.

[00:50:01] Birth conference with Billy Harrigan at Adley’s birth. Moment of doubt, encouragement, strength, birthing position.

[00:54:08] “Empowering conversations ripple, inspire women worldwide.”

[00:59:45] Motherhood, children, and profound impact on life.

[01:01:20] Please share your inspiration with us via DMs; thank you for listening.

More About Kristen Nagle:

Kristen Nagle is a former Nurse — just trying to live her most authentic life while raising wild kids at home, out of the system, immersed in plants, nature and helping others to learn how to trust their bodies and remove fear.



More About Laura Foster: 



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