I lead experiences in incredible places with amazing women. It’s that simple.

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Coming Home to Self

An Intimate Personal Leadership Retreat for Women

September 11-15, 2021
Thompson-Nicola Valley, BC

Epona Rise Retreat Center is a spectacular backcountry lodge nestled in paradise – along Heffley Creek at the base of Tod Mountain in British Columbia. Close to Kamloops, BC in the Thompson-Nicola Valley, this property is home to a herd of 25 rescue horses – adding to the mystical beauty and magic of the land and experience.  To say it is stunning is an understatement.

Hey. I'm Dr. Laura

For over a decade I have been creating opportunities for women to truly “retreat” – whether its for a weekend or for a week or more – so that we can have the conversations that we’re not typically having in a place that inspires us to more fully root into who we are.

In the busyness of our everyday, it is difficult to hear, feel, connect and bear witness to what your soul knows to be true. Retreats allow your heart and head to connect in a way that you may have never experienced before so that when you leave you feel grounded, connected and powerful in your being.

My retreats vary in theme and location but all of them marry my passions of incredible locations, inspiring land/people/places, a sense of playfulness and creativity, adventure, multiple doses of introspection, lighthearted presence and a deep sense of connection between participants and most importantly, within.

It is my knowing that we are all divinely created as perfect beings. Nothing about my retreats will endeavor to change you; rather,the experience will cultivate a deeper appreciation of who you already are and a remembering and a calling back of the parts of you that you feel disconnected from.

Past participants often remark that when they leave a Soul-Inspired Retreat they leave feeling more purposeful in the way they move about their life, they feel more aligned in their decisions and have more clarity around what feels right for them.

Women often say that they felt “called to” a particular retreat and experience. Those nudges are not accidental. They are messengers from your soul to your heart space.

Listen to them ~ They are FOR you.

Past Retreats


2020 Soul-Inspired Winter Retreat (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

February 8th to February 15th, 2020
at the Xinalani Retreat Resort


2020 Muskoka Retreat
(Lake Muskoka, Ontario)

November 5th to November 8th, 2020 on the shores of Lake Muskoka.

Mexico Retreat Photo

2021 Puerto Vallarta Retreat
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

February 6th-13th 2021
at the Xinalani Retreat Resort

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome all beginner yogis and no experience is necessary. 

Please let us know upon booking – we are able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and most food sensitivities.

If you are a single registrant – awesome! We have found that over 50% of the individuals who sign up for our retreats are coming alone so do not worry if this is something you’ve never done before. We may arrive solo, but we will move throughout the week as a mini-tribe of beautiful souls. Many of the people you meet during this weekend will likely become life-long friends.

To be completely wowed and leave feeling like you’ve given yourself the biggest gift ever. That’s a bold statement – we know, but after hosting many retreats in various settings we are accustomed to the magic that happens in a retreat.

Retreats are inherently different than vacations. On the surface it may look a lot like an all-inclusive style vacation, but once you arrive you’ll start to settle into the glorious routine of taking space and time to unroll your yoga mat, breathe deep, expand outwards and enjoy the process that unfolds. The workshops and classes are like icing on a soulful adventure.

Bring your open heart and sense of fun and you’ll be sure to have an incredible time (and if you feel inspired to truly unplug – be prepared to set down your technology while you are here).

Retreats are non-refundable unless the retreat does not run. If you decide you do not want to attend and we are able to find a participant to fill your space we will refund all monies less a $50 administration fee.

Thank you!

… for saying YES to you! Our retreats are life changing and by hopping on our waitlist you’re opening your heart to an incredible act of self-care.