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Dr. Laura welcomes Melanie Huestis – a self described Energy Alchemist who has the gift of helping you transmute your mess into magic on the soul level. Melanie talks about how she first knew she had the gift of clairvoyance and how she embraced it personally and professionally to be able to work her gifts and skills with clients one-on-one and in her group membership, Collective Magic. Melanie answers very practical questions about how to find and connect with your intuition, how to find your intuitive “yes” and “no,” how to develop your intuition and what your intuition is really there for. They also talk about Spirit, self-acceptance and what our soul purpose is (haven’t you always wanted that question answered?!). This is a very grounding and affirming episode for those who are wanting to be deeper in relationship with their light, their dark and everything in between. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Melanie is an Energy Alchemist. Everything she does in her work is either connected to Spirit or intuitively based.
  • Whatever it is you think you want help with comes down to you needing someone to see you, hear you, and hold space for you. We just want our experience validated.
  • How we can begin to tune in and tap into communicating with Spirit.
  • The difference between instinct and intuition.
  • Intuition is this beautiful, intangible knowing that lies between our basic instinct and our higher-process thinking.
  • How you can begin to recognize what your energy feels like in its neutral state and find your “yes” and “no” response.
  • What ancestral trauma is and how you can begin to heal.
  • Melanie and Dr. Laura talk about the call for more Sisterhood and getting back to a slower and more connected way of life.
  • Melanie talks about her Collective Magic Group and the deep-rooted healing that comes from working with other powerful women.


  • “If we have the habit of constantly looking outside ourselves for the answer, then we’ll skip over the subtle and powerful messages of our own body that is constantly talking to us.”  Dr. Laura
  • “If you don’t ever pause to ponder, you won’t have that awareness and then you will just keep thinking that life is happening to you.”  Dr. Laura
  • “When you do what makes you happy and you are following your purpose, you will go out into the world in a completely different energy, a completely different way. Every single person you interact with is going to feel that and they’re going to shift a little bit. That is how we change the world.”  Melanie
  • “When you take your power back and when you see yourself for who you are, you are unstoppable.”  Melanie
  • “You have all of the help you’ve ever hoped for and every answer you’ve ever wanted to know all around you, and if you’re not opening, asking, and listening, you’re not going to get it.”  Melanie

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Melanie Huestis: Website | Instagram | Melanie’s Group Collective Magic

As an Energy Alchemist with a big heart and a mouth to match, Melanie is all about radical self-acceptance, getting real about what’s not working in your life, and doing the deep work of transmuting your mess into your magic. Melanie has a straight-shooting approach to supporting and inspiring you in turning your ugliest stuff into the soul-level magic you’re craving.

Melanie invites listeners to join her group, Collective Magic at 20% off (ongoing). You can find out more about this group by clicking the link above. Email Melanie @ info@melaniehuestis.com to receive the ongoing 20% discount. Offer valid until August 15, 2022. 

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