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Dr. Laura welcomes entrepreneur and brand photographer Nat Caron to the podcast. Nat opens up for a beautiful conversation on the unspoken experience of healing yourself and witnessing the journey that unfolds throughout your life. She talks about how doing her own inner work led her to write letters to the younger versions of herself, and the lessons that came forth from this experience. Nat and Dr. Laura talk about how to get unstuck from the core stories we form about ourselves in our formative years, and why we should normalize conversations just like these. Also, Dr. Laura shares her experience in working with Nat, and how her photography shifted her own identity and opened up even more personal and professional potential.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Why Nat feels so passionately about being a mentor for young women.
  • What a brand photographer does exactly, and how a business person and entrepreneur can benefit from working with a professional brand photographer.
  • The younger versions of ourselves are sometimes unhealed.
  • Nat talks about a passionate idea she has about a book in the making — and what she tells her younger self as she writes letters to a version of her former self.
  • No matter what age we are, there is a sacred relationship with parents and parental figures, and we hold what they say with great importance. The version of ourselves and the stories we see about money, work, love, etc. can stay with us for our whole life on a subconscious and conscious level.
  • Nat shares how she talks with her children to form an open perspective and support them in building their own foundation of confidence and self-love.
  • Instead of feeling the need to have our life plan all figured out, what are you called to do at this moment, or just a few months out?
  • We need to give permission to ourselves to heal, not ask somebody else for permission to heal.


  • “I feel like there’s just a level of connection with women, and I feel very called to mentor younger women.” — Nat
  • “The younger versions of ourselves are sometimes unhealed.” — Dr. Laura
  • “Asking someone what they do is not the same as asking someone who they are, what they care about, or what they’re passionate about.” — Dr. Laura
  • We need to give permission to ourselves to heal, not ask somebody else for permission to heal.” — Nat

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Nat Caron — Brand Photographer in Barrie, ON, Canada: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Nat taught herself how to take photographs. Her life became a collection of moments captured and developed and kept in a little shoebox — photos of friends, family, animals, and all kinds of everyday adventures. Then when she moved to the city she developed a whole new interest in architecture. She shot buildings from all kinds of angles and became enchanted with the busy strangers in the city streets.

When her father died, she dug out one of the photos from the box. In the picture, her father was laughing hysterically. That was exactly who he was. She felt like she was transported right back to that moment in time. That’s when she knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to create images that people don’t just see — they experience. To capture the authentic personality of the people and the brands featured in her photographs.

Nat specializes in headshots, lifestyle, products, and architecture. Her studio is located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

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