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Hey beautiful soul — this episode with Drs. Brooke and Lynne is going to brighten your day.

This episode is all about what life after kids is all about how their company of the same name helps women reimagine their life after kids. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Where the idea of their business Life After Kids originated from.
  • How their background as Doctors of Chiropractic and health and wellness experts laid the foundation for the platform they have created for women over 40.
  • The identity shift that happens when your kids become more independent and leave home and how this time has the gift of reimagining your path and purpose.
  • How they curate bite sized pieces of information, strategies, mindset shifts and education that their community of women can access easily and without overwhelm.
  • Being able to enhance and embrace how you look in a way that truly resonates with you.
  • How to find more purpose and meaning and knowing that you need to have a purpose.
  • Deepening into the work of self as a way to know more deeply who you are. 
  • Female friendships: why they are so important and how to find these important connections at this time in our lives.
  • How life teaches you to be able to handle rejection in a way that doesn’t crush your spirit.
  • Why revisiting and clarifying your values is important.
  • Desire to be healthier and more vibrant
  • Ready to focus on your own needs
  • You want to shift the dial from stress and disconnection to expansion and strong sense of self.

If you are in the place in life where your kids are leaving, your kids have left or you feel a dynamic shift in the relationship with both your kids, your self and your purpose, this episode is for you.

Being that all 3 of us are experiencing this transformational time in life, nothing is off the table – from resiliency to vitality to purpose // including values, stress management, female friendships, hormones + menopause and beyond.

We talk about Drs. Brooke and Lynne’s robust Facebook community, Smart Girls Course and Life After Kids Program. 

More About LIFE AFTER KIDS + Drs. Brooke and Lynne:

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