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Dr. Heather Denniston is a wellness strategist and the CEO of WELLFITandFED. She works with elite leaders and their teams bridging the connection between personal well-being and professional success. Her sweet spot is her ability to provide custom solutions for burnout and stress and cohesive habit-training strategies that maximize vitality, productivity and resilience.

Drs. Heather and Laura are long-time colleagues with a thirty+ year sacred friendship which is evident by the depth of their connection. Dr. Heather shares how she knew it was time to move on from her busy and successful chiropractic practice to become a keynote speaker for large companies such as Microsoft and how career fate takes us to strange and wonderful places we would never expect. They chat about what resiliency really is, and how we can turn towards our fear and practice non-emotional observation as a gateway to our growth.

Dr. Heather dives into common roadblocks of success and shares strategies for moving past perfectionism and the feeling of Imposter Syndrome.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Dr. Laura tells a story about how she and Heather became “vintage” friends and gives a glimpse into how she knew Heather was a badass from the very beginning.
  • Dr. Heather shares the lessons she learned from switching from running a brick-and-mortar business to one solely online.
  • Dr. Heather talks about how she stepped into her highest self and rose to the occasion of presenting for a virtual audience at Microsoft. She details how that experience led the way for her to make a name in the corporate speaking world.
  • When you find a subject you are passionate about, people can tell it’s coming from your heart.
  • Heather’s favorite dinner subject is talking about how the fate of our careers leads us through all the twists and turns in life and gives us perspectives and skills that serve us in the present.
  • What we see on the outside, or highlight reel, of someone’s life, is often very different from what is happening behind the scenes.
  • Create a “permission list” for yourself that serves as a contract to show up, even when you are afraid and self-conscious.
  • Having compassion for yourself helps you show up to bigger things.
  • Perfectionism can be a form of procrastination and a way we protect ourselves to stay safe.
  • It’s great to be informed of the world around you, but don’t let the outside world take away your inner authority and inner sense of freedom.
  • Dr. Heather talks about the importance of making big bold moves and surrounding yourself with people who do the same.


  • “Success leaves clues.” — Dr. Laura
  • “Inner authority, as I like to say, is somewhat separate from what’s going on in the world. Don’t give it away.” — Dr. Heather
  • “It’s not by chance that you’re standing in the place you are right now.” — Dr. Laura
  • “We have to keep remembering that we have a unique gift to offer the world. We have a responsibility to share it, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.” — Dr. Heather
  • “When we fail, we learn.” — Dr. Heather
  • “Having compassion for yourself helps you show up to bigger things.” — Dr. Laura

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Dr. Heather Denniston BIO:

Dr. Denniston is a wellness strategist for elite leaders and their teams, bridging the connection between personal well-being and professional success. She provides custom solutions for burnout and stress and provides cohesive habit-training strategies that maximize vitality, productivity, and resilience. Her Wellness Amplifier Performance Program is sourced from 25 years of private practice working with companies from small start-ups to global giants like Microsoft.

The goal of this program is to identify factors that deplete energy, limit performance, and squash potential to create initiatives tailored to culminate in a pattern of self-fueled performance and reward. As a speaker and coach, she motivates audiences by covering topics from health and wellness to stress and resilience. She is the author of Three Day Reset and a regular contributor to several online wellness publications such as Thrive Global and Medium.

Join Dr. Laura Foster + her guests as we drop into potent conversations around freedom, spirituality, health, wealth, intuition, the divine feminine, entrepreneurship, sovereignty and the greatest expression of your soul self.

This podcast will inspire you to awaken the flame within and answer the rising “call to action” you feel within your soul. These conversations embody strategy and some powerful mindset shifts that will help you release what no longer serves you, reclaim the truth of your life and stand in the power of your most feminine, sovereign badass self. Get ready to stand with more confidence, curiosity and courage than ever before. 

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