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Hey beautiful humans — 

This one is timely and feels so important to consider as we move through the seasons of entrepreneurship for women.

Rachel Molenda is on the podcast and we are talking all about mental wellbeing in the entrepreneurial journey.

Rachel Molenda is Mindset Coach & Motivational Speaker for Women Entrepreneurs to help them stay mentally, physically and emotionally afloat & aligned in the pursuit of their life and business goals.

Rachel leverages the activating nature of like-minded community, coaching and in-real-life experiences to help turn the light back on in women entrepreneurs who have fallen prey to burn out and self-doubt so they can get back to doing what they were born to do.

Some of the things we dive into:

  • Rachel’s journey of self-discovery and reevaluation.
  • Ending a relationship and reevaluated her life.
  • Rachel’s philosophy and ability to change her mind
  • Rachel’s journey as a female entrepreneur and her own experience of frequent change and personal exploration.
  • Her transition into mindset coaching for entrepreneurs and the desire to work with driven entrepreneurs and side hustlers.
  • The creation of “The Well” – a community and coaching platform supporting entrepreneurs’ mental wellness.
  • Acknowledging the discomfort of entrepreneurship.
  • Facing and surviving fears.
  • Teaching yoga and valuing past experiences.
  • Sharing wisdom and helping others reflect on themselves.
  • The importance of following intuition, embracing courage, intuition, and the power of choices.
  • Societal expectations in relationships.
  • Pursuing soul’s desires and aligning actions with goals.
  • Making bold decisions and living in different countries.
  • Questioning purpose and impostor syndrome and understanding the underlying reasons and impostor syndrome.
  • Tired of online success defined numerically and uncertain authenticity.
  • Releasing attachments and avoiding spiritual bypassing.
  • Validating negative emotions and experiences.
  • Finding peace and understanding in life’s events.

Notable quotes from Rachel:

The Power of Changing Your Mind: “And one thing I have zero shame about is changing my mind. And I’ve done that a lot over the last several years. And the thing is, I think when we judge ourselves for changing our mind, we actually limit our growth and evolution.”— Rachel Molenda 00:04:1600:04:31

The Power of Letting Go: “And I think you just have to go through a period of massive gripping and then that first leap of letting go to realize that you will be okay once you let go. And also remembering that the gripping is also painful. The reason that we grip is because we’re so afraid of what’s on the other side of it.”— Rachel Molenda 00:06:2900:06:46

The Importance of Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs: “going after our dreams and bringing our gifts to the world should not have to come at the cost of our mental wellness. This is BS. We’re done with it.”— Rachel Molenda 00:13:0800:13:16

The Importance of Soul Evolution: “I believe that we have all the interests, the passions, the desires that we do because they are meant to be part of our soul’s evolution.”— Rachel Molenda 00:29:0600:29:14

The Power of Community: “I think what we do really well in the well is that we normalize the experience. We normalize the ups and downs. So we aren’t judging them because it’s the judgment of them that actually makes it feel worse than it actually is. Whereas when you see that, we celebrate.”— Rachel Molenda 00:33:1000:33:33

The Importance of Gratitude in Social Media: “Even one person that follows you, they are saying, hey, I’m here for whatever you’re saying. I want more. That’s huge. That’s huge. We need to celebrate that more.”— Rachel Molenda 00:37:4900:38:01

“Benefits of Community and Coaching: ‘I love connecting with women who have a big dream on their heart or even like that inkling that, like, something might be there and just helping to show them what’s possible. And I think when we are around other people that are doing the same, that it fills the belief that it can be possible.'” – Rachel Molenda 00:40:5300:41:09


[00:04:01] Changing her mind and evolving constantly.

[00:08:09] Leaving a fulfilling job for personal growth.

[00:11:39] Mindset shift helps entrepreneurs support mental wellness.

[00:17:36] Professional and personal threads converge in work.

[00:24:11] Trusting intuition, leaving a relationship, embracing change.

[00:28:50] Believe in chosen paths, growth, and evolution.

[00:34:21] New yoga teacher gets positive feedback, no money.

[00:35:57] Rebuilding audience, emphasizing value of followers.

[00:39:04] Hard, grateful, evolving; find connection with Rachel.

Connecting With Rachel:

Learn more about Rachel over on rachelmmolenda.com or at @rachelmmolenda on Instagram.

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