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In this episode, I share my experience of moving to Costa Rica from Canada.

For some this is a much anticipated podcast episode. 

I talk about the reason why we moved — including concerns about Canada’s “pandemic” response and governmental control. I talk about the trucker / freedom rally and how it influenced our decision.

In a way we never saw coming.

I cover how and why we chose Costa Rica and the area we are in – including our many challenges along the way.

Also, the residency and visa process, access to healthcare, nutritious food and availability of organic and sustainable food. I talk about access to amenitities, beach vs mountain towns, power and internet outages and dealing with the climate of Costa Rica. 

I share my thoughts on letting go and adjusting expectations, safety and security, language and currency, and the benefits of trading and bartering. I also emphasize the importance of being part of the community and expressing gratitude for the opportunities and abundance in Costa Rica.

I also share our future plans and where we are all at currently …. 1.5 years in. 

Additional Takeaways:

  • Living in expat areas in Costa Rica provides access to a range of services and amenities, including schools, restaurants, gyms, and holistic services.
  • Choosing between living in beach towns and mountain towns depends on personal preferences, with beach towns offering a more relaxed lifestyle and mountain towns providing cooler temperatures.
  • The hot and humid climate in Costa Rica can lead to mold issues, making air conditioning and dehumidification necessary for a comfortable living environment.
  • Power outages and internet issues are common in Costa Rica, but uninterrupted power supplies and fast internet connections are available.
  • Adapting to the Costa Rican lifestyle requires letting go of expectations and embracing the slower pace of life and the connection to nature.  Pura Vida is aptly named for life in Costa Rica!
  • Respecting the local community and being mindful of the impact of expat presence on the cost of living and local resources is important.
  • Language and currency considerations include the prevalence of English-speaking locals and the need for cash transactions.
  • Trading and bartering are common practices in Costa Rica, allowing for the exchange of goods and services.
  • Being part of the community and giving back contribute to a more fulfilling expat experience.
  • Transition and integration take time, and it is important to be patient and open to the changes and growth that come with living in a new country.
  • Expressing gratitude for the opportunities and abundance in Costa Rica enhances the expat experience.
  • Future plans in Costa Rica may be uncertain, but being present and following one’s heart’s calling is essential.


00:00. Introduction and Background

02:11. Reasons for Considering a Move

06:24  Trucker Rally and Freedom Rally

09:28. Freezing of Donated Money

11:26. Impact on Family and Decision to Leave Canada

14:43. Considering Different Countries

16:10. Choosing Costa Rica

21:58. Reconsidering Costa Rica

24:21. Choosing the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica

25:50. Involving the Children in the Decision

31:32. Moving to Costa Rica

35:18. Residency Process in Costa Rica

38:34. Access to Healthcare in Costa Rica

46:35. Private Healthcare and Dental Care

50:25. Access to Organic and Sustainable Food

53:17. Choosing a Community in Costa Rica

53:47. Access to Services and Amenities

55:12. Living in Beach Towns vs. Mountain Towns

56:37. Humidity and Mold Issues

59:01. Power Outages and Internet Issues

01:00:27. Adapting to the Costa Rican Lifestyle

01:01:52. Respecting the Local Community

01:03:18. Letting Go and Adjusting Expectations

01:06:12. Safety and Security

01:09:06. Language and Currency

01:11:44. Trading and Bartering

01:12:13. Being Part of the Community

01:13:38. Transition and Integration

01:15:05. Gratitude for Costa Rica

01:17:38. Uncertainty and Future Plans

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