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Dr. Laura welcomes one of her wise soul sisters, Kylie Sutton, mama of two, wife, entrepreneur, and true Yogi and truth-teller. Kylie and her husband are the owners of Modo Yoga Studio in Kelowna, BC and Modo Yoga in Seattle, Washington. In this episode, Kylie drops into a space of conversation that is deeply authentic and meaningful, where she talks about her own evolution in finding alignment with providing space for all beliefs and practicing the art of non-attachment for any fallout that comes with her living in her truth. Kylie talks about why she worked with others to develop and birth Operation Green Light as well as The Unity Movement and how this collective energy is holding space for her and others during this time.

Kylie also discusses the emotional and physical benefits of yoga, and why she is such an advocate for mental health. She and Dr. Laura also get real about yoga not always being the peaceful Zen image of perfection, and why they love that!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Having meaningful and deeper conversations is like working a muscle — the more you do it, the stronger you become.
  • How did Kylie get into yoga and end up owning and operating Modo Yoga in two countries?
  • Kylie talks about the challenges she faced during the pandemic both as a professional and in her personal life. How did her own radical truth and ability to hold space for others culminate in shifting her business’s policies?
  • Kylie opens up about the practice of attunement, consciousness, and frequency in life and business.
  • What is The Unity Movement and how did it serve to bring her and an ever-expanding community together?
  • Are your actions and conscious behaviors matching the story you are telling yourself?


  • “Yoga is just the opportunity to live authentically in your unique expression and be as present as possible.” — Kylie
  • “Being in the company of humans who are willing to grow together and to be in the human experience together for expansion is just so enriching.” — Kylie
  • “I really believe in the practice of how you do one thing is how you do anything. I believe in that practice because I’ve built a relationship with that practice.” — Kylie
  • “Instead of thinking about what would happen or what could happen, I started to look at what was possible.” — Kylie
  • “I refer to both places as an entity. It’s nameless, formless, and timeless. You’re just drawn to it.” — Kylie
  • “We just decided that we are going to take our power back and move forward collectively, and it feels like freedom. It feels like community, and it really has made that shift for me from surviving to thriving again.” — Kylie
  • “It took two years for me to really unravel and strip back and get to a place where what I wanted subconsciously and what I was consciously choosing were the same thing.” — Kylie

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