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Today’s episode is with Sarah Hepburn talking about her newly published book: Walking Forward – Using The Power Of Habit To Navigate The Chaos of Life.

Sarah and I dive deep into habit and how powerful and potent habits can be in helping you calm the chaos of your mind, body and life. As an expert storyteller Sarah calls on various examples of how habits have laid the foundation for more inner peace in her life, personally and professionally.

We also chat all about:

  • What a habit is and how they build inner peace.
  • How to build habits into your daily rhythms as well as the potential downside of habits.
  • Tips for those of us who feel like we’ve often failed trying to incorporate specific routines with the intention of making them a positive habit. 
  • The process of writing this book and how you moved past periods of doubt and insecurity along the way to keep moving forward.
  • What Sarah learned about herself along the way and what her intention has been in writing this book.

Sarah has an ONLINE and IN-PERSON  “Walking Forward Accountability Group” starting April 4th online + April 5th in person [Aurora, Ontario, Canada].

Think of it as a book club on steroids! A 5-week program where collectively you work through “Walking Forward” with Sarah. Each week she will share a lesson/story related to the section of the book followed by prompts/questions for the participants to consider.

The intention of the Walking Forward Accountability Group? To help participants create a deeper level of clarity + confidence + connection within.

You can learn more about + JOIN the accountability group HERE. 

Purchase her book: WALKING FORWARD: Using The Power Of Habit To Navigate The Chaos of Life – One Step At A Time. [+ leave a review!]

On Amazon.ca / Amazon.com / Amazon UK / Local To Aurora Canada

You can connect with Sarah via:


More About Sarah:

Sarah Hepburn is a writer, storyteller, and consultant who is passionate about living a life of clarity, calm, and confidence. In Walking Forward, she shares her proven process to help calm the noise and navigate life’s chaos by using habits with intention. She combines relatable stories and inspiring lessons learned along with actionable tools to create routines that work for you and your family.

A wise-cracking mom to three teenage boys and a self-professed organizational ninja, Sarah relies on her strong intuition, background in corporate operations, and ten-plus years’ experience in the interior design industry to motivate you to discover what’s truly important and encourages you to take the small but consistent steps forward to confidently achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Sarah writes from her home just north of Toronto where she lives with her husband and sons and can be found walking the local trails while dreaming of her next adventure.

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