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Today’s guest is my friend and colleague,  Dr. Lynne Mouw – an Entrepreneur, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Strengths Finder, and Enneagram coach. 

It felt like the right time to talk about the various assessments that exist: those based on personality, behavior, and even astrology. Do they depict who we are or do they pigeonhole us? How can we use them effectively so that they augment our lives – not hold us back?

I’m like you … I love diving into Human Design, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finders, and more recently, Gene Keys. I think we are all innately curious about who we are and what makes us tick. Am I right? 

Our topic today is about how to work with your gifts and discover your innate strengths so you can step into your zone of genius. 

Dr. Lynne is quick to point out that “you are not your personality test, you are not your strengths test, you are not even your enneagram test, but these tools are such important ways to find out get some insight to accept parts of yourself so you sink into who you already are in the core of your being.”

What I love about Dr. Lynne’s perspective is the way in which we can use these tests to see ourselves … truly see ourselves – and ultimately accept ourselves. It’s the reason she coaches individuals, couples, and executive teams to see their results in a more wholistic way – to help communication, build bridges, capitalize on our strengths and build stronger, more effective teams and relationships.

Dr. Lynne is also deeply passionate about helping women find their identity and passions in their midlife. This has resulted in a co-creation with Dr. Brooke Stillwell: Life After Kids. Be sure to check out what these two docs are doing over on their social media and website. It’s brilliant. 

This episode is about having the courage to be who you are on any level – and that’s something you know I will create space to talk about every single day.

In this episode:

  • How to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and what they can teach us about ourselves.
  • We each have unique talents and gifts, but often we don’t have the language or the self awareness to know exactly how we best show up to contribute to the world.
  • Aligning your teams as a leader, how to figure out the strengths and weaknesses, as well how to embrace them. 
  • How Dr. Lynne helps mothers with adult children find their sense of new purpose.
  • Finding your purpose and identity in your midlife. 

Quotes from Dr. Lynne:

  • As leaders, people are our biggest assets.
  • The best thing we can do is not project our filters onto others.
  • This part of life can be very isolating.
  • You just have to take one small, but a meaningful step at a time. 
  • If we are not growing, we are actively dying. There is no stasis. 

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Dr. Lynne bio: 

Hi! I’m Dr. Lynne. I’m a strategic thinker, reluctant entrepreneur (there’s a good story there), voracious traveler and a passionate mom, chiropractor and wife.  

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, I should be living a quiet, unchallenged life in my little hometown, but instead I heard a little voice deep inside that told me I was destined for something else and listened to it.  Despite previously never having a chiropractic adjustment, I packed up and moved to Davenport, Iowa (talk about culture-shock) to begin chiropractic school and the best life path for me that I could have ever imagined.  

Along that walk I met my amazing and talented husband Mark, who is also a chiropractor. We started a new practice from scratch, learning quickly what it means to be married as well as business partners.  I’ve spent the last 20 years with a passion for building a world class team whose mission it is to go out into the world every day to equip and empower people to make better health decisions and to live a clearer and more connected life through Chiropractic care and natural living.  Lots of mistakes, tears and animated discussions later, we have built one of the busiest chiropractic practices in the country and at the same time, an impenetrable partnership and epic love story. 

Does that sound cheesy?  

Maybe it is, but we get asked all the time what our secret is.  

Here’s my answer: I can honestly say a huge amount of my personal and professional success can be attributed to having Crystal-Clear Clarity around what my Strengths are but also what the Strengths of those closest to me are. This means having an actual language to decode, describe and communicate these Strengths when it mattered most. It means intentionally and purposefully finding out what you are THE best at doing and what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. It means really seeing your spouse or your children and understanding on a deeper level their motivations and why the behave the way they do.  I’ve invested years and thousands of dollars in learning this language and I am passionate about developing systems to teach and coach others to learn to use it in their relationships with themselves and others.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and look deeper.  Here’s to making that next phase of life the best it could and should be, together.

“Pick something today that you aren’t just able to do; find something God made you to do, and then do lots of that.” – Bob Goff

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