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I’ve been eagerly waiting to have this conversation about the power of homeopathy to heal, expand, restore and upgrade health and life expression.

Today I have Jen Bishop on the podcast. 

Jen is an Intuitive Healer who is trained in Homeopathy and Reiki – and a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is homeopathy and how Jen came to have homeopathy in her life.
  • Laura’s experience with homeopathy and how it has become a twenty + year relationship with the extraordinary power of homeopathy to heal.
  • How homeopathy actually works and how remedies are made.
  • The kinds of questions a homeopath may ask to be able to properly prescribe the most appropriate homeopathic remedy to “match” your symptom picture.
  • The importance of considering the broader context – not just one area of the body – when considering how homeopathy can best support your healing journey.
  • The difference between acute and chronic.
  • Emotions and illness both having a specific energy and frequency.
  • How storing unresolved emotions in the body leading to imbalances and physical symptoms.
  • Working with a chronic state of sympathetic dominance in the body — “fight or flight” energy that has become increasingly common in society.
  • Homeopathy as an ART and a SCIENCE.
  • Homeopathic remedies acting as tuning forks or providing information to trick the body into thinking it is at the wellness point.
  • Homeopathy supporting mental health and emotional symptoms.
  • The origins of Homeopathy and Samuel Hahnemann’s initial work. 
  • Peruvian bark inducing malaria-like symptoms in Hahnemann’s body.
  • Minor aggravations often seen as positive by homeopaths.
  • Stimulating, supporting, and being in union with the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Remedies bringing the body back to its natural balance.

Noteable Quotes:

“On The Origins of Homeopathic Medicine: ‘Homeopathic medicine is fascinating because it’s considered energy medicine because it has no molecular value left of the crude substance it is made from.'”— Jen Bishop 

On The Importance of Listening to Your Body: “The body only has one way to communicate with us, and that is through symptoms.”— Jen Bishop 

On Homeopathy vs. Western Medicine: “With homeopathy, you really are bringing a new energy to the body and a new, healthier, more balanced energy to the body.”— Jen Bishop

On The Balance of Healing: “I really, truly believe that we are already healed. We have what we need within ourselves. But really, what if healing is more about balance than anything else?”— Jen Bishop

On The Energy of Anxiety: “I feel like it’s something that’s happening in the world energetically, where there’s a lot of fight or flight energy, which I’ve experienced in my life and done a lot of work on, and it’s coming to the surface for a lot of people at the moment.”— Jen Bishop

On The Power of Homeopathy in Healing Mental Health: “So homeopathy is a beautiful thing, and it’s capable of a lot of stuff, especially in mental health and especially with mental emotional symptoms. But it is, again, just a piece of the puzzle to support you in your well being.”— Jen Bishop

On The Beauty of Homeopathy: “But this is the beauty of what I know about homeopathy is that gap, that space, that opening that it creates for you is an opening for you to walk through. And without that tap on the shoulder and that opening, it’s sometimes difficult to find that space to walk.”— Laura Foster 

On The Healing Process: “Often times our symptoms, aka signals, are actually healing signals… so much of what goes on in the body is actually signs of healing already occurring.”— Laura Foster

On The Power of a Holistic Approach: “The humans in my practice who had a holistic full body approach to how they support their body always got better. Often got better, faster or more completely because everything was working together.”— Laura Foster 


00:00:57] Kelowna inspiring, incredible place; passionate about homeopathy.

[00:05:05] Samuel Hahnemann used Peruvian bark for malaria.

[00:07:10] Distance from substance affects its strength.

[00:12:36] Matching medicine to patients: head to toe.

[00:14:47] Listening to your body’s symptoms is crucial.

[00:17:16] Illness as energy: art of homeopathy.

[00:23:40] Healing is about balance, not imbalance.

[00:27:07] Healing signals often misunderstood, natural body processes.

[00:28:57] Body heats up, kills off, balances itself.

[00:33:15] Homeopathy explores connection between emotions and physical health.

[00:36:42] Chronic state requires more than one remedy.

[00:39:13] “Collective energy, nervous system response, Joe Dispenza.”

[00:45:00] Instant homeopathy provides magical relief for ailments.

[00:45:52] Migraine sufferer finds 80% relief after treatment.

[00:49:58] Free homeopathic treatment provided in slums. Affordable, effective, and long-lasting medicine.

More About Jen Bishop:

Jen Bishop in an Intuitive Healer who is trained in Homeopathy and Reiki. She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.

She owns & operates Joyful Healing where her approach to healing concentrates on a MIND, BODY and SPIRIT connection understanding that our bodies only have on way to communicate with us and that is through symptoms.

The greater awareness we have of ourselves and our bodies, the easier it is to heal. Jen is a gentle, loving and compassionate healer who cares for her patients in truly unique way, providing guidance and support along their journeys to better health. Jen also runs incredible online & in person Women’s Groups where she facilitates connection, growth & awareness on your spiritual journey.

In 2019 cowrote Jen wrote Rainbow of Awareness: A Guide to Social Emotional Learning & Awareness in the Classroom.

Most recently Jen took a her dream trip to Kenya Africa where she worked along side local homeopaths and treated children in slum area schools for acute and chronic illnesses.

Jen lives in Kelowna, BC with her amazing husband and 3 children.

Jen works with clients in-person AND online.



More About Laura Foster: 



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