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Hello beautiful human,

Today’s episode is with Andrea Parker –  a former police detective turned Conscious Leadership Coach and Speaker.

Andrea helps Influential Leaders to play better, create a lasting impact and enjoy their experience. She believes that life and business are meant to be fun and fulfilling … and led from the heart.

She is an accredited International Professional Certified Coach and holds certifications in leading-edge mind-body techniques, specializing in the subconscious mind. 

This episode is all about having the courage to let go of conventional “success” metrics and cultivating joy in life, love and business. Andrea helps leaders find fulfillment by living from their heart.

Is there any other way? Well ….

Things we touch on in this episode:

  •  The importance of courage and living from the heart
  • Aligning heart, head, and senses
  • Andrea’s journey from police detective to Coach + Speaker.
  • Trusting the Universe.
  • Increasing revenue through joy and fun
  • Working with leaders and making a lasting impact along the way
  • Dr. Lise Janelle + the Heart Freedom Method
  • Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies
  • Dr. Robert Gilbert, PhD.
  • Bridging spirituality and enjoyment
  • Making human development accessible and fun [transformation doesn’t take years!]
  • Uncovering one’s values through self-discovery
  • Explaining yin and yang aspects
  • The power of admitting desires and taking inspired action
  • Difficulty staying connected to one’s truth
  • Importance of daily practices for support and of knowing one’s values.
  • Importance of play and consciousness in leadership
  • Accelerate Your Growth Workshop and client example
  • Making an exit plan and trusting the heart’s guidance

[00:05:17] From shepherd to police officer to coach

[00:12:46] Living from your heart takes courage.

[00:21:47] Courage is heart, challenge, and continuous growth.

[00:26:12] Leaders seeking impact find joy, create success.

[00:30:47] Living from the heart: yin and yang.

[00:32:42] Accelerate growth, align goals with heart. Trust.

[00:37:54] Heart Freedom Method, Vesica Institute, and biogeometry

[00:41:59] Understanding values enhances relationships and personal growth.

[00:44:45] Uncover your values; follow your own path.

[00:47:58] Thriving in the heart era, embracing creators.

[00:51:36] “Upcoming event, visit Show Notes for details”

Notable quotes within the episode:

On Living from the Heart: “I think living from your heart, it takes courage and it’s very simple to do, but it’s also one of the most challenging things for many different reasons.”— Andrea Parker

On Courage: “And it sounds so simple, but it’s not, because what your heart wants and what your head wants, what your senses wants, are usually very different things.”— Andrea Parker 

On The Power of Self Love: “At the root of every single one of our fears is the illusion that we’re unworthy, that we’re not enough, that we’re unlovable.”— Andrea Parker

On Living from Your Heart: “Living from your heart is a simultaneous process of continuously tuning in to what’s coming through. What is it that you want? Continuously admitting it, having the courage to take action and to also trust. Like, trust that you do your best and you let it go.”— Andrea Parker 

On Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality and Fun: “I think that’s the missing link is bridging the gap between spirituality and fun. It can be fun. You don’t have to sit and meditate for Eons in order to get a transformation.”— Andrea Parker

On The Era of the Heart: “If we think of a truly successful person, and to me, success is just living from your heart. But some people who are, if we think back to ancient Egypt, like the true successful people who are very wise, heart centered, they’re very humble. And they’re humble because they knew that thriving is our natural state.”— Andrea Parker 

On Practical Steps for Creating an Exit Strategy: “I think there’s just so much goodness in hearing how F’n hard it can be sometimes, and yet also to hear what sometimes the most practical steps can be.”— Laura Foster 

More About Andrea Parker:

Andrea is a former police detective turned Conscious Leadership Coach and Speaker.

As the Founder of AP Coaching, she helps Influential Leaders to play better, create a lasting impact and enjoy their experience. She believes that life and business are meant to be fun!

She is an accredited International Professional Certified Coach and holds certifications in leading-edge mind-body techniques, specializing in the subconscious mind.

Andrea has worked with multi-million dollar business leaders, transformational speakers, holistic doctors, musicians, professional athletes, and Emmy-award-winning producers.


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