What’s Coming up to be Healed?

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One of my favourite soul-enquiry questions…

Try asking yourself this Q right now, 

“What’s coming up to be healed?”

Hear/see/sense what bubbles up.

Honest response is that when I saw this photo of myself several years ago I had my usual and immediate response, “ugh, I hate when I smile like that.”

It’s the emotion I used to have about my full face expression of “shut eyes and gummy grin coming in hot.”

I know it sounds ridiculous. Frig – now I crave this kind of elusive laughter every damn day, but at the time – and for years prior, I immediately shunned myself.

I send myself loads of negative energy towards myself when I smile like this.

Until I healed this part of me. 

And that’s it. It comes up to be healed. It will keep coming up until you heal that part of you.

The part of you that you shun and shame and turn away from.

That’s the work of life — softening into your uniqueness, your quirky ways, your vulnerable spots, your hurt spots — and accepting these parts of yourself.




When you suppress or deny parts of yourself you’ll automatically shrink the essence of you.

I know that’s not what you want.

You crave the opposite.

You want to live a life of feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in.

You want your life, your voice and your presence to be authentic.

You want to put down the shield and never pick it up.

You can start by asking yourself, in this moment of your life, what’s coming up to be healed.

Tune into the first thing you hear, sense or feel. Here’s where you can work on being gentle, loving and accepting.

Remind yourself how these parts of you are part of how you express your gifts and without them, you dim your light.

(Read that twice)

And truth be told, I now LOVE when I smile like this – big teeth and gums included.

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