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Stop Playing Small

I’ve got your number, Sister.

You’re playing small.

Maybe not small … but how about smaller than you’re capable of.

Smaller than you dream of.

I’ve got your number because your number is not unlike mine.

Smaller is what women often do.

We let ourselves dream, but make sure we keep it in the realm of “not too big” and “not too much”

Because being “too much” is something we’ve been told to stay away from.

How dare you be “outspoken” or “outlandish” in your way of showing up in the world.

Ohhhh, imagine if we acted big and bold and dare I say, audacious.

Seriously, WHAT.

Put it on a long list of all the things I’m done with. And the more I notice it, the more I see it all around me…

  • Hiding
  • Diminishing
  • Editing
  • Shaming
  • Shrinking 
  • Playing Small

I’ve done all those things and it sucked. 

I thought it would help me fit in with the world and all it did was make me feel unworthy and less than.

My sense of belonging escaped me – mostly because my strategy ostracized me from myself.

And those who did reach out to share in my life weren’t really meeting me.

They were meeting the edited, shrunk down + playing small version.

Truth was – I didn’t much like this version either. Eventually I stopped – a little at a time.

And as I did, I saw the true me in my actions + my words and dammit, this girl was so much more awesome than the one I had been showing to the world.

Women’s visions cast a glimpse of what they are capable of … not because they don’t want more but more is something they’ve been lambasted for.

So let’s not do that anymore, okay?

Let’s celebrate audaciousness.

Let’s celebrate big ass dreams.

Let’s celebrate being too much.

Standing on my soap box over here giving you and your big ass vision a standing ovation. 

Go for it Sister.

Hey! I'm Laura.

Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.

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