Let Your Intuition Lead the Way

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As a child, I recall learning about touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. I’m pretty sure we studied these 5 senses extensively and not a thing about the lesser talked-about sixth sense: INTUITION.

And yet, intuition can be practiced, honed and developed. Your intuition has an incredible way of bringing you back to center, comforting you and connecting you to your truth.

Intuition exists within all of us and allows us to quickly process information and give you a keen sense of instinctive awareness.

We often refer to our intuition in action as a “gut feeling” or “I knew” or “I had a feeling.”

Whatever way you want to describe it, it’s your inner wisdom in action.

Your inner wisdom is channelling information to you 24/7, but like all relationships, if you want to create better communication you have to show up to the conversation. 

Allow your actions to build better awareness.

Ask for clarity — direct questions work best.

Create space to receive.

Chronic busyness and rushing are not conducive to connection.

Don’t get all up in your head about the messages that come your way. Your brain doesn’t get to control the conversation (unless you let it).

Listening is an important part of relationship building.

As women, we are often taught to ignore our intuition and trust more in the wisdom of others.

We are often criticized as being too sensitive, too emotional or even illogical when we’re operating off of our deep intuitive wisdom.

And yet… intuition (women’s intuition, I might add) is our SUPERPOWER.

Research has found that although both sexes have the capacity for intuition, women have stronger intuition and MRI shows that our brains are naturally hardwired for it.  

The CIA has long recognized that women make better spies because of our heightened intuition. 

We could’ve told you that… Am I right?

The nature of a superpower is that it often goes unrecognized by the individual.


Because superpowers are a flow state. As women, our intuition is innate. We are born with the strong intuitive ability and it’s as natural as breathing.

It’s time to shine your superpower and to own your intuitive nature and extraordinary emotional intelligence.

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Hey! I'm Laura.

Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.