Your Voice Is Your Truth

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There are at least two kinds of truths in this world:

The truth.


Your truth.

Your truth reflects your beliefs and is a personal statement that is evaluated to be true by you. It is my belief (see what I did there?) that you have complete ownership over your beliefs and as such, you have the right to be able to share your truth, when you desire – as you feel called.

You may believe otherwise and that’s okay. That’s your belief and you can own that for yourself.

Staying Silent

Let me ask you this, though. Has anyone ever told you that what you feel is wrong?

And the little voice inside your head says, “But it’s what I feel.”

What you feel has validity and value. Especially to you. And that’s reason enough for it to be important. But when we are told that our beliefs are wrong or hurtful, we shrink into ourselves. We become less and less confident in those beliefs. We stay silent.

When you let your feelings go unexpressed and when you minimize what flows from you so that you can keep the peace for others, the person who suffers is you. There is an incredible freedom that comes from speaking your truth when you feel called in the way that aligns with you.

And remember this, there is a place in the world for your beliefs along with everyone else’s.

It’s about finding a way to share your beliefs without infringing on the space where someone else holds their beliefs

Your Voice, Your Truth

If you struggle with speaking your truth and you want to speak with more courage, confidence and conviction, I recommend that you:

  • Focus on who needs to hear your truth and how you and they benefit from hearing it.
  • Understand the cost of continuing to shrink, edit and backpedal from your truth.
  • Focus on sharing from a place of personal authority. Lead with “I feel” or “I believe” statements.
  • Begin by sharing your truth in safe places knowing that it helps build your courage.

There are so many reasons why this is a complete personal game-changer in the self-mastery department. But here’s the most important reason:


Elevating your voice to speak your truth (especially to yourself) is an integral part of learning to honor who you are at the core of your being.

It fosters authenticity.

Inner confidence.

A calm steady presence.


Your voice and your truth are powerful and purposeful – and the world is waiting for you to step into this part of you with more embodiment. 

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Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.