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You Can’t Skip The Stuff In The Middle

I know that the stuff in the middle is the hardest part.

When you are working hard to be ignorant to your own truth you often numb yourself from your reality. #human

Once you take the step into the journey of feeling, acknowledging and healing, shit gets real. ?It’s not glamorous and it doesn’t feel good. The natural inclination is to recede or find a way around it. ?‍♀️ Acknowledging the truth of it can be helpful – not as a way to commiserate but as a way to put truth to the process. #iseeyou

Going through the muck is the way to get to the other side. I know no other way. When you are in that painful spot of seeing what is and allowing it to be felt and dissipated, lovingly remind yourself that you have options:

? 1. Ask for help– whether it’s a mentor, counsellor or trusted friend. We don’t have to go it alone – even though it can feel like it.

?2. Say your truth out loud and write it on paper. The thoughts and feelings caught up in our head are the hardest ones to release. Set it free with the sound of your voice and the words on a page.

?3. Gently move your body. One of the easiest ways to ease forward is to gently and consistently move your body. Not a slam fest – an honoring that involves deep inhales and long slow exhales.

?4. Keep reminding yourself that you are worthy // your are loved and // you will heal ~ cause you are.

?5. Never make a permanent decision on a temporary feeling.  I don’t know who said this but reminding yourself of this when you feel like you’re in the vortex of your own emotions. If it feels like an important decision to make, honour it by writing it down and revisiting it later when you feel more grounded. If it still feels like the right decision, move forward.

Often our greatest clarity comes from our most difficult times. My experience has shown me that we know what we need and my voice reminds me to take what I need when I need it. The self love and the self honouring is the way to the other side ~ even when it’s hard.


Hey! I'm Laura.

Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.

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