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Why I Suddenly Love Doing The Dishes (and other mundane tasks of daily life)

Lately I’ve taken a deep dive into a whole lot of basic movement, sleeping in, nourishing food and the occasional mug of the most delicious dark roast, organic coffee.  It feels like heaven (as you can imagine), but there is a particular reason why my gratitude for these simple pleasures run so deep.


Last week I finished up a 5 day water fast.  This isn’t a post about fasting as much as it’s an acknowledgement of how what was once a collection of simple and mundane tasks and chores of daily life suddenly felt richly rewarding.


One of the most unexpected benefits of doing this fast has simply been that I feel grateful that I get to prep food for all my meals.


When was the last time I felt grateful for making dinner … and lunch … and breakfast?





And that’s when it hit me.  Part of the reason I love saying yes to new experiences is that it almost always shifts my vantage point. Feeling wildly uncomfortable is incredibly helpful in opening doors to my own potential.  It places me outside of my norm – something that has always resulted in me having a new way of looking at things.


And a new way of looking at me.


For whatever reason these new experiences compel me to see myself differently than I have before. I learn something about me. The important ‘things’ become clearer. I make choices that are in greater alignment with my soul path.


All because I said yes to something that I felt compelled to say yes to.


Perspective is everything,








In 7 short weeks I’ll be in Costa Rica co-leading a 7 day, super-lux yoga retreat in Nosara.  (I promise, no water fasting or deprivation)



Ocean air

Time to breathe and unplug


A fast from the busyness of your daily life.


Saying yes to a week of enjoying what it means to move your body through the most grounding, expansive yoga flows, pulling up a meditation pillow even if you aren’t sure you will be able to sit still for more than 4 minutes, sharing in meals and conversation with people who you might never have met before and trusting that the people and experiences that come about are exactly what you need.


No pressure.


Just a “showing up” on your part and a commitment to letting yourself enjoy whatever comes your way.


I can’t even tell you how much fun and gratitude I’ve had for these experiences.  Every single one of them has been exactly what I needed and not what I expected.


If this speaks to you we are almost SOLD OUT.  All the details are here: https://drlaurafoster.com/retreat2018

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