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Unsticking Yourself When Feeling STUCK Is Your Truth

I feel stuck

I hear this phrase woven into almost every conversation I have with women who sign up for my program or coach with me.

Relatable, isn’t it? We’ve all felt variations of stuck in our life.

Sometimes feeling stuck means we are confused as to what to focus on, unsure of what step to take or unclear of what’s ‘for’ us in the maze of possibilities. Stuckness can be infused with fear, anxiety and feelings of insecurity. And to top it off right now, many of us are being told we are in lockdown. Let the implication of that word wash over you …

It’s no surprise to me that this is coming up. Sharing some strategies to help you unstick what feels stuck:

Focus on you and what you need. The world has a lot of ask right now and so many of us want to be in service to others. I get this; however, here’s the truth of it. In order to do that in a way that supports your emotional and physical wellbeing, your cup needs filling so that your overflow can benefit those around you. Giving to others without first giving to ourselves is not only depleting, it’s unsustainable. 

Know that you aren’t broken and you don’t need fixing. When we are in the heavy energy of feeling stuck it’s natural to embellish the story around our stuckness.

“The problem with me is …” “I’m such a ____” “What’s wrong with me?”

Let me be clear – you don’t need fixing. You may need support, space, connection and collaboration, but you aren’t broken. I promise.

Move forward. In the absence of clarity and in the presence of stagnation, one of the best strategies is to take a step forward. Say yes to something – small or large. The intention is not to overwhelm you, but to move your energy forward. The momentum of the YES will shift everything for you.

FEEL into what you want to say yes to. When you spend time in your head you’ll be apt to say yes to something you believe you SHOULD say yes to. When you drop into your heart and gut and create some space to tune in, you’ll be apt to say yes to something that FEELS right. Sometimes that’s in opposition to your head — for a very good reason. When you are gently curious to what comes up and you are directing your attention to your belly and heart, you will feel the answer. Sometimes our knowing comes through like a lightning bolt and other times it’s a “feeling”, a thought that drops in out of nowhere or a sensation.

Trust what emerges and do your best to listen.

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Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.

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