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The uncomfortable gift of experience

July 2020 and here we are somewhere between Phase 2 and Phase 3 of re-opening. Excited and so damn grateful for any level of freedom to put what has happened behind us.

Like you, I see and feel the gratitude for the good parts of CV –> my family, my friends, the time spent alone and together and of course, gratitude for our health. I also see and feel the discomfort of CV –> the uncertainty, the barriers to freedom/expansion & growth (even if that was manufactured in my own mind), the fear of the unknown and what the future holds, There was also the discomfort of relationships and contracts that no longer fit and the conversations that were no longer an option with some of the people in my life. 

And oh boy, does it ever feel uncomfortable when you can no longer un-know what you know.

Even if we’ve been asking for clarity, when it comes it doesn’t always get wrapped up in the shiny, happy wrapping paper. Some of my clarity was delivered in a cardboard box. Clarity wasn’t always as fun to receive as it has been under other circumstances.

And yet, here we are.

It seems that there are two types of CV experiences. For some of us, we sat in the yuck of the situation – still not quite ready to shed what no longer fits and hanging onto the place where we are in fear of the places we yearn to go.  And for others, it became a literal unveiling of the truths that subconsciously we knew were coming. The freight train of reality that our life was levelling up with or without our consent. At times I felt like I was holding onto my bootstraps and doing my best to stay grounded in all the chaos of conscious acceptance of what needs to be ‘MY’ new normal

Maybe you felt like parts of you were in stagnation and other parts were in transition and you were oscillating back ‘n forth.

I believe that there has been an overwhelming desire for all of us to bring back our old normal and if we hope and dream with enough enthusiasm, maybe it will return. As unpopular as this statement may be, I feel that this isn’t possible. When the noise of our busy lives went silent (March 2020), our inside got loud and if you felt uncomfortable as hell – I feel you. I felt it too.

We’ve been shown what no longer fits and what parts of us are waiting, willing and ready to rise to our new sense of self. 

In this space of in-between, here’s our opportunity: please don’t walk away from your truths.What you’ve heard, carry forth. What you’ve initiated, keep moving. What requires your attention, keep leaning in. I firmly believe that 2020 has happened FOR me. It’s there in all it’s uncomfortable fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants glory FOR me. Just like I believe it’s FOR you. I also believe that when you are given a glimpse of what’s ahead, take what you can and integrate your wisdom.

Whether you believe the story behind the events … or not, the truth remains that we are being told that a second wave is coming. I resist it. I try to ignore it. I try and put as little attention towards this narrative as possible but my intuition tells me to listen up. A second wave would mean that a quarantine will likely happen again. As unpopular as this possibility may be, therein lies an opportunity for you and I to integrate all that we’ve learned, felt and experienced. I’m not suggesting that you move into a state of fear; I’m suggesting you move from a place of wisdom and ask yourself:

    • What do you need to change?
      • if anything.
    • What do you need to bring into your life?
      • if anything.
    • What relationships do you need to let go of?
      • if any.
    • What boundaries are waiting to be set?
      • if at all.
    • What are you ignoring in your life that you are being asked to be mindful of?
      • if anything.
    • What parts of your life no longer represent you?
      • if anything.
    • What part of your life is truly most important to you?
      • and do you want to grow this part of your life?

Maybe I’m wrong and if so, hallelujah. 

And if I am, this exercise will continue to serve you well.  Just like success leaves clues, so do the emotional responses we have to our own life. We’ve been given the uncomfortable, generous gift of experience and only you know what to do with the information you’ve been blessed with.

Hugs, L

Hey! I'm Laura.

Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.

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