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F-E-A-R can be the doorway to your highest calling if you are willing to work with it on a deeper level.

At every women’s retreat, I often find myself asking these questions:

“What stands between you and the you that you desire?”

“What prevents you from saying yes to the opportunities that speak to you?”

“What trips you up on your way to what you want? “

At first, there is silence and invariably someone bravely speaks the four-letter F word…


Society will let you believe that fear only happens to people who aren’t strong enough or capable enough. The subtext is “work on bettering yourself sister, and you’ll get over it.”

There it is – the often spoken and under-examined feeling we all have.

Talk about over-simplifying it and also, perpetuating what I believe is a complete lie.

Fear isn’t something we need to try and make go away.

It’s something to learn to create a working relationship with.

In my world, I imagine tucking her right under my arm and bringing her alongside me. If I’m feeling fearful in a situation – anxious, worried, performance stress, or “what if” or “can I” fear I sit down and really look at what I’m fearful of.

Instead of pushing her away, I pull her in.

When we get curious about our fear it dismantles it. It helps us see it for whatever it needs us to see, acknowledge or accept.

Things become clearer when we get clear on what we’re fearing.

There are so many fears that we ALL have (and in all my retreats, the list is long + similar every time). 

F-E-A-R of success.

F-E-A-R of failure.

F-E-A-R of rejection.

F-E-A-R of abandonment.

F-E-A-R of being unloved.

F-E-A-R of being unloveable.

F-E-A-R of looking stupid.

F-E-A-R of not knowing.

And this:

F-E-A-R of letting fear stand in our way and having dreams undone and left on the table.

Here’s the truth: if you let fear sideline your dreams you don’t get to live your dream. 

The experience, relationship, or opportunity that’s calling to you will remain a desire because you let fear BE the blockade – not the doorway to your highest calling. 

I won’t lie and say that it’s easy but with the right support, mindset, and aligned action you can find an ally in your fear.

If you didn’t let fear stand in your way, what would you be calling into your life right now?

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Hey! I'm Laura.

Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.