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Sometimes We Need To Walk Ourselves Home

“I know when one doors closes another always opens, but man these hallways are a bitch.”


I laugh whenever I come across this quote. I can relate.


I call the hallways transition spaces and although it can feel like I am stuck, I intellectually know I am far from it.


I’ve come to recognize that these dark, frustrating times are deep meaningful periods in my life.  My soul is doing deep work and I’m shedding the old in preparation for the new. It’s the season where the seeds have been planted and I’m staring at the ground waiting for the new growth to appear … wondering if the seed is even germinating.


Know what I’m talking about?


“How far down did I plant these damn seeds?”


If I’m not careful I can really beat myself up in these seasons of life.  In the last 15 years I’ve taken a long walk down some really long hallways – maybe you have too. And if so, high five sister. It’s not easy.




When I’m walking the long hallways of life there are three KNOWINGS that I remind myself of that help me stay committed to my path.

#1. My soul is as unique as my fingerprint.

One in 7.7 billion, in fact and because of that I know that I am placed on this Earth to share my unique gifts. I would not be put here if what I had to contribute wasn’t incredibly meaningful. I also wouldn’t be blessed with my one-in-7.7 billion gifts if I also didn’t come with a deep knowing of how to bring these gifts to the world.

This is your reality too and it’s difficult to remember when you are walking down the long dark hallways of life. Reminding yourself that life isn’t random helps you remember the truth about your own uniqueness. It’s great to seek new skills from those around you  (and as an achiever-learner type its my default to believe my answers lie in a textbook or course), but do not forget that what you bring to the world is already within you.


#2.  “What you seek is seeking you”


…. best quote ever. <Rumi>

It’s really okay (and particularly emotionally helpful) to decide to let go. Consciously let go. Letting go doesn’t mean that you are releasing the desire.  It simply means you are loosening the grip of what it needs to look like so that the universe has the latitude to deliver you an even greater reality.

Here’s the truth. We ask for something. We work towards it. We put an inordinate amount of energy towards the achievement of it.  It eventually gets here. It looks different than what we imagined. It feels perfect for us.

That’s it.

File this under #trust and keeping this in your ‘knowing’ helps you navigate the hallways with more ease.


#3. It’s all temporary. 

The moment (however long it is) will pass and the intensity of whatever feeling you are having will subside.  When I feel frustrated about where I’m at I remind myself that my feelings are valid, but not permanent.


catch and release


When you feel yourself diving deep into the worry or the anxiety do 3 things: notice, validate, release. It helps if you pair this with a deep inhale and an even deeper exhale <repeat as necessary>


I have come to know that the hallways lead to really good places.  The process isn’t always easy but it is a necessary part of the journey.  Having a set of conscious strategies to navigate the hallways has helped me immensely. Maybe my knowings have helped you tap into your knowings. If so, I would LOVE to know what you consciously do to make your journey down the long dark hallways of life easier.


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