Rising In Our Energy During Times Of Struggle

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I’m just going to come out and say it:

Sometimes, life is a bitch.

Sometimes, you get served a sh*t sandwich and you’re forced to pull your chair up to the table. It’s just the reality of life and I’m not going to sit here and pretend that it’s always comfortable.

Hard Times Are Inevitable

It’s easy to forget that when we’re scrolling through social media. Everyone else’s lives look easy.

We think to ourselves, “Look at her life, she’s got it made.”

The interesting thing is we all know by now that social media is in no way representative of reality. We know that everyone is guilty of putting their best foot forward and not showing the low points that we inevitably experience. 

The fact of life is that hard things happen to us, despite what we’re told.

It’s not just you. But how you respond?

That’s on you.

Because you alone are responsible for how you react.

I know, that’s really hard to take responsibility for sometimes. Many of us bristle at the fact that we have some say in where we find ourselves in life. Especially in times of struggle. 

But really…what’s the alternative?

You live a life that is at the mercy of events that are outside of your control?

The other person’s bad behaviour becomes your ongoing problem?

You continually show up to the relationship that perpetually disappoints you?

You wait for other people to change? To see your point of view? To finally treat you the way you deserve?⁠⠀

Like I said, crappy things happen to everyone but you have the responsibility of deciding what you do with it. 

You can decide to let it consume you. 

Or you can decide to harness the energy of what is or what was and transmute it into something beautiful or inspiring.

The Rise In Energy 

Because when we can make that choice to embrace the struggles life is handing to us and ask, “How can I rise?”, we allow our souls to be held.

We create a place to come home to.

Because when things are at their most chaotic and most confusing, when we’re in pain or struggling…that’s when our breakthrough happens.

That’s where we find our truth.

We can rest knowing that all will be well. 

When you attempt to control the flow of every aspect of your life, it may feel helpful, especially when we’re handed that sh*t sandwich.

But what it really does is rob you of your inner peace.

Control is an illusion and what we most desire comes from finding the sweet spot between effort and ease.

Let go of your pain with intention and trust that you are in the flow of all that is meant for you and your highest callings.

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Hey! I'm Laura.

Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.