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Humanity’s New Neural Networks

Societal culture changes.

Is changing.

In scratch-my-head-oh-dear-god ways.

And in beautiful, expansive ways.

Both extremes exist and you can hold both of these truths lightly, if you choose to.

It’s human nature to label things as good or bad when really they just ‘are’.

What is happening in this now moment is a deep emergence of humans who are in relationship with their truth in ways they never have before.

Ways like:

Your truth is right there in front of you.


Even if you wanted to escape it, but can’t.

No amount of numbness or busyness pushes your truth away.

It has extraordinary patience.

It’ll wait for you to stop turning away from it.

And, it’s not by happenstance that this is happening right now.

You are meant to face your truth — the amazing, shiny parts and the difficult, somber ones too.

If this is you, know that you aren’t alone in this experience.

Humans all over the planet are coming into right relationship with what’s right for them, what is no longer and the building of trust within themselves.

Trusting that what they feel IS deeply important and meant to be acted upon.

Responded to.

All of this inspires me and assures me.

That despite the “crazy-what-the-actual”, we are building a new neural network for humanity.

One consciousness
Beyond words
Within reach

And it starts with you.
And it starts with me.

Look around … you aren’t alone. It simply feels like it.

xo L

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