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It’s a choice

The question to ask yourself is ~ If I’m going to let someone down, am I going to choose me? 

In my work with women who are reclaiming their voice , choosing to ask, acknowledge and honour their truth and birth their voice of truth into the world –> it’s this:⁠

Who are you choosing to let down? ⁠

The unnamed person on social media?

The co-worker who doesn’t own stock in your life?

The neighbour who is more worried about their life and choices than they are about yours? Your intimate partner, best friend or sister?⁠

Or do you choose you?

Would you rather let yourself down – knowing that when it was important to you, you shrank, edited or minimized your truth and your voice? ⁠

If you do it once, no big deal.⁠

If you do it twice, you’ll feel it.⁠

If you do it over and over and over again, you’ll teach yourself that you matter less. That your place at the table is less important and you’ll show up in the little tiny space you’ve provided for yourself as a smaller version than you are. You’ll know you don’t have your own back. You’ll feel the effect of shutting down your needs: your self esteem, self confidence and sense of self will take a hit.⁠

Or you can learn to shift this – uncover the roots of where this comes from. Understand and acknowledge where the origins of your self-betrayal began and begin the process of honouring you, your truth and your voice. ⁠

You’ll start where it’s safe. ⁠

You’ll celebrate your wins and work through your stumbles.⁠

You’ll find yourself emerge with a greater sense of self.⁠

Pride for what you ARE doing and momentum to keep going.⁠


In a phrase – GAME CHANGER


|RECLAIM YOUR VOICE| is a virtual online program for women who desire to acknowledge their truth and speak it with more courage, confidence and conviction. We relaunch fall 2020. 


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Hugs, Soul inspired Gurl / DRF



Hey! I'm Laura.

Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.

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