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I broke my mug …AND I cried

The other day I broke my favourite coffee mug. As I held it in my hands the tears flowed.

I love that mug. It reminded me of a time that I was really courageous with myself.

For clarity, I know that it’s just a ceramic container. People are experiencing monumental loss all over the globe and I am left holding the pieces of my mug feeling deeply sad.

I wasn’t weepy over my mug.

I cried because I finally accepted that I am being asked to let go of what is.

Don’t ask me how I know. I just do.

As hard as I try I can’t find and create the normalcy of my day-to-day. I have done the “get up and do my hair & get dressed routine” complete with typical breakfast & movement … only to sit down at my desk in relative silence. I can create busy work. I’m capable of it and I’ve done it quite a few times in the last 2.5weeks. But I just know that it’s distracting me from the essence of what is happening. So I’ve more-or-less stopped.

I am stopped by my knowing that it’s time to put down all the balls that I have been carrying and allow what needs to fall away, fall away. I’ve been allowing myself the opportunity to ask myself some very relevant questions like:

If an important decision was needing to be made right now, what would it be?

If I am able to leave all my identities behind, what identities (y) would I pick up and carry forth?

Who are I being asked to be for myself right now?

What feels like the most important part of myself to love, nurture and support, right now in this moment?

If someone has suggested to me 6 months ago that this “situation” would be upon us right now, I would’ve doubted it. Further to that, even if I did believe it, I wouldn’t believe that my whole world would come to a grinding halt. And yet here we are.

This isn’t a post about doom & gloom. I know in my soul that all will be well – despite the bumpy road ahead. Maybe you feel the same. The unease and restless feeling within your soul that you’ve been labelling as the “weirdness” around such a strange time. Perhaps. Or maybe you feel the call to rest. To sit down and take the burden of your backpack off your back. Maybe you too are being asked to let go of what is..




And when we let go we create space for what will be. The eventual emergence of a greater sense of self and humanity and universal consciousness. Lean in to the discomfort of your restlessness. It’s serving a purpose that is entirely for your benefit.



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Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.

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