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Four Ways To Connect To Your Purpose

Recently, I asked my Instagram followers:

“What do you need to move past the weariness and stagnation that you’re feeling?”

(And we’re all feeling it).

The answer that came back:

“I need to connect more deeply with my purpose”

I think this collective response is intuitive and one that holds so much truth. Not only does it speak to the important role that purpose plays in our being but also how our intuition can guide us.

Intuition Guides Purpose

Because your truth is always bubbling up to meet you. Even when you are doing your best to push it down, distract or busy yourself, it’ll find a way to find you. The frustrating part for many women is that we’ve established the soul-numbing habit of distracting ourselves from our own inner GPS and we live with a level of distraction and busyness that makes it easy to believe that you don’t know who you are and why you are here.

We become professional truth blockers when really, we are designed to easily and intuitively connect with our passion and purpose.

If you want to more deeply connect to your purpose, here are four actionable ways to do so:

  1. Stop doing the things + participating in the relationships that are draining your life force.
  1. Know, with clarity, what fulfills you. If you are unclear, work on uncovering your personal core values or ponder this question through journaling, gratitude or mindfulness.
  1. Own your life, your choices + your circumstances. Take full responsibility for all that is in your life and adjust accordingly. It may not be easy but it’s a necessary part of creating change and opening yourself up to the bigger picture of why you are here.
  1. Invest in you. Everything you desire comes from the relationship you have within yourself. There was a time when having a mentor, therapist or coach meant there was something “wrong” with you (or was that just my upbringing?). Far from it. There is so much that can happen when we invest in the right conversations, introspection and mentorship. I have seen and experienced profound change in such a short time when the right support is the

Listen In To Yourself

Often times I find that when clients are unsure, they want to do more. I recommend less. Less busyness. Less distraction. Less numbing.

Whether it’s a nudge, feeling, or a full-blown knowing, let it see the light of day. Then you’ll know what you are dealing with. Because it’s the resistance to your truth that drains you, stresses you and keeps you up at night. You will feel relief simply by allowing your intuition to do its job and unveil your purpose.

Along the way – enrich the relationship you have with yourself through a greater sense of self-compassion, self-honoring, and self-awareness.

Tell yourself the truth of your life. 

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Our rise is seeded in the strength of our roots. I help women plant and nurture theirs.

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